How to see Jupiter and harness its growth and expansion energy as it's closer to Earth than it has been in nearly 60 years

While wondering how to see Jupiter as it orbits so close to Earth is important - you should also ask what Jupiterian energy could bring

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It's not every day of the week Jupiter is positioned so nearby our planet. In fact, it's been just shy of six decades since it was so close. 

Libra season 2022 is filled with a heck of a lot of endings, beginnings, and opportunities to focus on your desires. Examples like the forward-thinking, romantic September New Moon 2022 and Fall Equinox 2022 calling on you to buckle down. Of all the Astrological events in 2022, it's likely you've been chomping at the bit for the third Mercury retrograde 2022 to come to a shuddering halt on October 2 - but have you heard about Jupiter getting up close and personal with planet Earth?

Where do I look in the sky to see Jupiter?

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Although 367,394,813 miles from Earth may not seem super close, according to The Farmers Almanac, it's the closest Jupiter has been to our home planet since 1963. If you want to get a good look at the planet, which is closest on September 26, you simply look to the night sky as the Sun sets. You'll notice a very bright light in the sky as the planet rises.

Adam Kobelski, a research astrophysicist at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, told the space agency that, “the views should be great for a few days before and after September 26." 

The research astrophysicist continued, “So, take advantage of good weather on either side of this date to take in the sight. Outside of the Moon, it should be one of the (if not the) brightest objects in the night sky.”

What does Jupiter represent in astrology?

Speaking to woman&home, astrologer and author Desiree Roby Antila explains that Jupiter rules good fortune, benefits, expansive ideas, and social adaptation. "Jupiter reveals individual ethics, philosophies, and personal growth," she explains. Also known as The Great Benefic, Jupiter represents the promise of good things to come and is the good luck charm of the solar system. "With Jupiter closest to earth," says Desiree, "these things come into focus now."

Whenever a planet is closer to the earth, its energy is always felt more poignantly., explains the astrologer. "For example, once a month when the Moon is closer to the Earth the tides are higher than usual, and when the Moon is farthest from the Earth the tides are smaller."

"The Moon has a correlation astrologically to our emotions which become stronger as the Moon is closer, and Jupiter is no exception to this rule," adds Desiree.

Which star signs will feel Jupiter's energy most?

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Desiree explains that eight now, Jupiter is retrograde through Aries, and is passing through the first decan (degrees 1 through 10). "It will eventually reenter the late degrees of Pisces on October 28 before going direct on November 23. People with planets that aspect those degrees will feel this transit the most during this time."

Check out our guide on reading your astrology birth chart if you need to better understand what this means. As a general guide for us all to consider, however, Desiree reminds us that when Jupiter makes its annual reverse, "we are summoned to take a step back and reassess the big picture of our motives to make sure our intentions are in the right place."

How to harness Jupiter's energy

While so close to Earth, this fiery planet encourages us to grow, expand, and reach new horizons making the energy great for pushing us to new horizons.  Aries, as a sign, is audacious, individual, brassy, blatant, and instant says the expert.

"The ram rarely looks back, preferring to move forward. However, this retrograde will force The Great Benefic to initiate a contemplation period of what has happened since it entered this prime sign on May 10, and what it can do better once it re-enters it on December 20."

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