Full Moon December 2022 in Gemini - we're not kidding when we say it brings all the heat and drama!

The Full Moon in Gemini of December 2022 will inspire you to speak your mind at last - but some signs need to be cautious and here's why

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Th Full Moon December 2022, the last of this transformative year, has arrived – and it’s promising to be as fierce and feisty as 2022 has been. Before we begin drafting our 2023 resolutions, however, we have some final plotlines to contend with thanks to this powerful and provocative Full Moon in the sign of Gemini.

And contend we shall, as we may feel like a fighter in the arena during these last couple weeks of the year as the December Full Moon 2022 is closely configured to Mars, the celestial warrior god of the sky. Anytime Mars is involved in any transit, we can expect tempers to flare, passions to ignite, and drama to unfold. Especially during a Full Moon where emotions naturally run high, and truths and secrets are often revealed anyway. This lunation, during straight-talking Sagittarius season 2022, will be your chance to finally speak your mind!

This Full Moon takes place on December 7, 2022, at exactly 11:06 PM EST, calling us back to August 2022 when Mars first entered Gemini. This Full Moon marks a critical climax in that story, and we’re reminded that there is still more plot to work through, so don’t rush to judgment or feel pressured into taking decisive action. We may be provoked, but with Mars retrograde - nothing is final yet. Be sure you’re not forcing any issues or acting out due to impatience.

Remember that because the sign of Gemini is so dominant in the sky right now, it’s likely that communication is a key factor in how the drama is unfolding. It could be tension around what has been said – either a verbal slip, a mean comment, or negative feedback. Or perhaps, because people are obscuring their intentions with lies, manipulations, avoidance, or ghosting. Watch to see how these possibilities can create a powerful mix of emotions in you and those around you – ranging from reactive emotions to anxious thoughts and suspicious feelings. 

Your feelings are valid, but they are not necessarily facts, so don’t fill in the blanks without all the necessary information and cause yourself undue stress. Channel this energy instead into a helpful habit like journaling, talking it out with a trusted friend, shadow work, or exercising. Maybe even have a little look at your tarotscope for December 2022 and see if there's anything in the stars?

Here's how the Full Moon of December 2022 will affect you depending on your star sign. For the most accurate reading, look at your sun or rising sign according to your astrology birth chart.

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You’re no stranger to conflict, Aries, and you’re much more likely to address it directly than shy away from confrontation. But with Mars, your planetary ruler currently in retrograde status and so closely configured to the Full Moon December 2022, you may find that your usual style is not yielding as effective of results. You could feel like no matter what you say, you’re scolded, shushed, or misconstrued. With this Full Moon in your third house of communication, your keyword is deliberation. You must be impeccable with your speech and carefully consider how you communicate. It may even require the opposite approach to the one you’re currently taking.


You’re reaching a turning point in your relationship to abundance. As a Taurus, you’re a sign that craves comfort and security – and lately, both of those keywords have felt more intermittent than stable which has likely thrown you off your regular sense of balance. The Full Moon December 2022 is in your second house of income is a cosmic invitation to be more mindful and intentional about how you allocate your resources – and how you can actively work to reframe your relationship to your finances. It could be a time to let go of frivolous spending habits or other expensive indulgences and redirect that energy towards investing in yourself and what truly matters to you.


This Full Moon is highlighting the most personal area of your chart, Gemini, and that is your first house of self. It’s a moment for you to fully step into your power and assert yourself and your intentions to the world. And to do that, it may require some powerful cord-cutting with parts of yourself or your relationships with others that are no longer helping you and may be holding you back from realizing your full potential. Release can be nerve-wracking, but feeling like you’re struggling to be fully seen, heard, and understood is far more frustrating. It’s OK to cut ties with the past and embrace an unknown future. Have courage and believe that it’s all going to work out.


Your feelings are valid, Cancer. But what happens when we reject the parts of ourselves that we’d rather not face? With the Full Moon December 2022 in your twelfth house of the subconscious realm, it’s a real invitation from the stars to sit with yourself, to witness your feelings, and notice any discomfort that arises. You don’t have to rush to fix your emotions – or ignore them either. You’re just hear to notice where it hurts and if you can, begin to understand why. This lunation is about being present and being mindful. There’s a story there and a story you’re also telling yourself about who you are. Make that story one of self-compassion.


Accepting anything less than what you want and what you believe you deserve is not easy for you, Leo. But the Full Moon December 2022 in your eleventh house of hopes and dreams is asking you to get clear on your intentions. Sometimes the fantasy doesn’t always match up with reality. Romantic partners have human faults. People we look up to or events we built up in our minds can disappoint. But by shutting down as a result, who are you punishing? The other person…or yourself? It always comes down to communication. Be clear with your expectations and intentional with your words right now, but also, be kind. You and your circle deserve nothing less. Don’t let yourself down.


Work has been quite the four-letter word lately, hasn’t it, Virgo? Whether it’s tension with authority figures or a lack of personal drive, you’re hoping to cruise to the end of the year on autopilot. But this Full Moon in your tenth house of career is asking you to take an honest look at what you want. Do you want to climb that ladder? Great if you do but it’s OK to acknowledge that you don’t. Maybe you just want security without a need to constantly hustle or get to the next level. Maybe leveling up isn’t about promotions but about alignment with your values. Let go of what you think you should be doing and do what excites you instead.


You’ve earned your reputation as a fair, honest, and open-minded person, Libra. You carefully weigh your words before you speak. You consider all options before making decisions. The Full Moon December 2022 is in your ninth house of beliefs and asks you to consider how that thoughtful deliberation is working for you or against your own best interests. You could be called to make a stand, to be an advocate, or to make your needs known – while risking the possibility that others may not expect or even appreciate this action from you. But do it you must, because there are moments where you can’t play to the middle, and this time is one of them. Let go of the need to be liked and embrace authenticity.

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This Full Moon is illuminating your karmic patterns, Scorpio. Taking place in your eighth house of spiritual intimacy, the stars are asking you to notice how your repetitive behaviors are helping you – or holding you back. Words can heal and they can wound so you’re known to choose yours carefully – but sometimes you don’t choose them at all. Is your silence blocking your ability to connect in a way you truly desire? If there were ever a moment to be bold and brave and tell someone how you feel, even if it’s to a trusted counselor or just your journal, this lunation is begging you to speak not just what’s on your mind, but what’s buried in your heart.


Sagittarius, you’re being called to show extra sensitivity to boundaries during this Full Moon in your seventh house of partnership. Passions will be running high – making this a lovely time to rekindle a romantic and sexual spark. But the caution is that this energy could just as easily ignite an argument that starts off over a small thing or an unfortunate miscommunication that spirals into a full-scale firestorm. Knowing this, see where you can give your partner the benefit of the doubt. If you start at the baseline premise that everyone is doing the best they can, see where that takes you – and if your best and their best is serving your own needs, too.


It’s time to take care of yourself. You’ve been burning your candle at both ends. Your tightly kept schedule – and your even tighter control over it – is finally saying enough. With the Full Moon December 2022 in your sixth house of routine, you simply must factor in more free time and rest days moving forward. Because if you haven’t already, you’re likely coming up on a 'something’s got to give' moment. Like all things we must release, it’s always better when we feel like we hold some of the decision-making authority over what it is we let go of. But release you must, or circumstances may just decide you need a forced slow down. Take extra precautions – and your vitamins, Capricorn.


You’re not one to struggle with creative blockages – your sign is supremely gifted with coming up with new and ingenuous ideas. But you could find yourself feeling listless, uninspired, and even - gasp - bored. The Full Moon December 2022 is in your fifth house of fun and creativity and is asking you to release what is holding you back from expressing your most authentic self and sharing your artistic vision with the world. Is it self-doubt? Is it fear of rejection? Is it that you’ll be misunderstood by others? Is it a rigid perspective on what you’re supposed to like or be? It’s easier said than done, but let it go. Let it all go and just do you. You won’t regret it.


Your home should be a sanctuary, but lately it’s felt like more of a battleground. With the Full Moon December 2022 in your fourth house of home, this lunation is activating a very sensitive and very private sector of your birth chart. You could feel like prying eyes are peering in, looking to air your dirty laundry out for all to see. Take extra precautions around what you share, where you share it, and who you share it with. It’s not a call to be extra suspicious or read ulterior motives into everything and everyone but could be a good time to take an inventory on who has earned your trust and where boundary – not battle – lines could be drawn more tightly.

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