25 best gifts for father-in-laws to surprise and impress them in 2023

From gadgets to experiences, luxury buys to unique finds, these are our pick of the best gifts for father-in-laws in 2023

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Solve your present buying dilemmas with our list of the best gifts for father-in-laws, including luxury items that are sure to impress him and unique ideas that are perfect for the tricky-to-buy-for man who seemingly has it all.

Whether you’re a recent addition to the family or you’ve known your father-in-law for years, buying something you know he’ll love can feel daunting. Impressing the in-laws is always a noble task, so while you may be worrying about what to gift, getting it right will feel like it was all worth it.

So while finding the perfect present for your father-in-law can be a little trickier than finding the best gift for dads or the best gifts for other men in your life, that's not to say it's impossible. To help you choose, we’ve rounded up the best gifts for every type of father-in-law, spanning a range of different options and budgets.

Where to shop for the best gifts for father-in-laws in the UK

Our pick of the best gifts for father-in-laws to give in 2023


1. Baking School: The Bread Ahead Cookbook by Matthew Jones, Justin Gellatly and Louise Gellatly

RRP: £20  

Is your father-in-law an aspiring baker, or just someone who got very into a sourdough starter in lockdown? Penned by the owners of Borough Market’s Bread Ahead Bakery and its bakery school, this is one of the best cookbooks for proving bread and creating delicious pastries. If you’re looking for a present that goes beyond the typical recipe books he might already receive every year, this is the perfect gift.


2. O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream

RRP: £7.28  

Whether he’s an avid gardener or has a job that wears away at his hands and makes them dry and uncomfortable, O’Keeffe’s Working Hands hand cream is known for being incredibly effective at soothing cracked hands. It’s unscented, so he won’t have to worry about an off-putting or overpowering scent. A practical present he's sure to appreciate if he's a practical kind of man. 


3. Bamboo Birdhouse and Nesting Box

RRP: £19.99  

One of the best gifts for gardeners, green-fingered father-in-laws will love being able to feed and watch the birds that find a home in their garden. This bamboo bird box is waterproof and well-insulated, and the plain exterior means it can be decorated if your father-in-law is particularly arty.


4. Sabneo V7 Warrior Lightsaber

RRP: £89.99 

If your father-in-law is a devoted Star Wars fan, this lightsaber makes for the perfect personal gift that can sit pride of place anywhere in his house, sitting on a stand that protects it from damaging any surfaces. The gadget has a motion sensor which makes sounds as it moves, and they can easily change the colour, sound and lights that emanate from the lightsaber.


5. Perky Blenders 6 Months Coffee Subscription

RRP: £49  

Gift a coffee addict a long-term supply of various blends, from decaf to single origin (or choose ‘coffee of the month’ for a surprise each time). Each bag includes around 11 shots of coffee, and the box it comes in is letterbox-friendly, so this gift is ideal if your father-in-law doesn’t live nearby, and is one of the best gifts for coffee lovers.


6. Chapel Down Classic NV Brut

RRP: £29 

For a father-in-law who loves any excuse to pop a bottle of bubbles, treat him to a bottle of English Sparkling wine. Why? It's cheaper than champagne but tastes just as good. In fact, Chapel Down went to the Champagne region of France for a blind tasting under the guise of 'Chapelle en Bas' and 60% of French consumers preferred English sparkling wine to Champagne. If they can't tell the different, neither will he. 


7. Socks Gift Box Set

RRP: £34.95  

Socks are a classic gift for dads and in-laws alike, so why not treat him to a gift set of high-quality, eye-catching pairs? The thick socks have reinforced toes and heels, making them durable as well as super-soft, made from 80% cotton. They also have a six-month quality guarantee.


8. Insulated Piston Cup With Hinged Lid

RRP: £12.85   

If he’s an outdoorsy father-in-law and is often researching walking holidays in the UK, this travel coffee maker will allow him to brew, plunge and pour his own coffee on the go, from wherever he finds himself needing a cup. The French Press-style plunger can simply be replaced with the secure lid when the coffee is ready, and the cup stays hot for up to two hours, with a silicone band for better grip and to prevent burns.


9. Oval Sterling Silver Semi Precious Cufflinks

RRP: £90  

If you’ve got a bit more to spend or are sharing the gift with your partner, these hand-crafted cufflinks from Aspinal of London are really special, made from sterling silver and available in two different colours. Understated and looking much more expensive than they are, these stylish accessories come in the signature Aspinal jewellery box, too.


10. Costway Wheelbarrow

RRP: £84.95  

Another gift for gardeners or a father-in-law who’s looking into garden design for beginners, a heavy duty wheelbarrow may not be the most personal present, but practical gifts are always appreciated. As it’s not too oversized, it won’t be impossible to move around, and with one-day delivery available, you can easily get it delivered to your father-in-law’s doorstep - even if you're shopping last minute. 


11. Weekday Relaxed Linen Shirt

RRP: £49   

While he might prefer to stick to a particular style, there’s no harm in gifting him a sartorial present that will take him out of his comfort zone. This linen shirt is available in two colours, and is perfect for both spring and summer days. With a relaxed fit, it can be worn as an overshirt or buttoned up for a smart casual look.


12. Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse Set

RRP: £20.99   

If he’s always working from home and needs to upgrade his desk setup, this ergonomic keyboard and matching mouse is wireless, so there’s no need for a messy tangle of wires. The mouse has a ‘silent click’, while the keyboard has been designed to reduce noise, so there’ll be less distractions to affect his productivity.


13. Chilli Sauce Gift Set

RRP: £26.35  

These hot sauces come in a range of temperatures, from a cherry-flavoured sauce to a full-on habanero sauce and even an 'extreme' option. Gift these to the dad who loves to cook spicy dishes or likes to test out how much heat he can take.


14. Rubik’s Cube Metallic

RRP: £14.99  

If you’re gifting a father-in-law you don’t know very well yet or you want to get a more low-maintenance present, a Rubik’s Cube is likely to be appreciated and frustratedly pored over for hours. This 40th anniversary edition features a metallic design, and the iconic game provides endless fun (or desperation) for its new owner. 


15. Geekey Multi Tool

RRP: £22.99

There’s really no limit to what the Geekey multi-tool can do: open bottles and cans, fix bike spokes, bend wires, and much more. The dad-in-law who loves DIY and is a whizz at fixing issues around the house will love this gift, which can easily be attached to keys or belts for quick retrieval. 


16. Beurer MG16 Mini Massager

RRP: £16.82  

If your father-in-law regularly complains of aches and pains but doesn’t have the time or resources to get professional massages, this hand-held mini massager can be used by anyone; it fits snugly in the palm of your hand and provides gentle relief and vibrations to get rid of tension and tight muscles. There’s also LED lighting which glows when the massager is in use. If he’s sitting at a desk all day, this mini device can sit on his workspace for whenever he needs it.


17. Gifts for Car Lovers

RRP: from £39  

When we asked father-in-laws what they would like to receive as a gift, more than one told us that they’d love to be treated to a fun and unique experience, such as a ride in a sports car. Whether it's the iconic Aston Martin DB5 or a Ferrari, he can drive several laps around a race course - with a professional alongside him, of course - and even choose from a selection of classic cars on the day.


18. Engraved Crystal Decanter

RRP: £54.99  

Treat him to something that will make him feel really special with this crystal decanter, which can be engraved with his initials for an even more personal touch. Pair it with a bottle of his favourite whisky for a thoughtful birthday present that fits the bill for gifts that keep on giving.


19. SONOS One SL Wireless Multi-Room Speaker

RRP: £179 

Dads and father-in-laws we spoke to agreed that a good quality Bluetooth speaker is high on the list of gifts they’d love to receive. Sonos is known for its stellar sound quality, and this option can be connected to devices with Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Airplay, and will even connect to other Sonos speakers. When connected to an existing Sonos speaker, the SL will allow him to play different songs in different rooms, via the same sound system, too.


20. James Bond Bingo

RRP: £24.99   

A collection of all the James Bond books would likely go down well as a gift for a father-in-law, but they tend to be quite pricey. This Bingo set is a fun alternative, featuring 64 iconic characters and items - including the cars - from the franchise’s films. 


21. Movie Poster Jigsaw Puzzles

RRP: various  

A thoughtful and fun gift for film buffs, hours can be spent completing these jigsaw puzzles of posters from classic films. Even better if he’s told you his favourite movie in passing - he won’t be expecting this gift, but he’ll appreciate it for years to come.


22. Electric Coffee Mug Warmer

RRP: £23.20  

This mug warmer is the ideal gift for those who often forget about their teas or coffees until it’s gone cold. The base keeps drinks at a suitable drinking temperature, and will automatically shut off after eight hours - so there are no worries about safety. It can easily be wiped clean for clumsy drinkers, and the slightly larger base accommodates all sorts of flat-based mugs, including coffee cups.


23. Calvin Klein Eternity for Men

RRP: £38.99  

You can’t go wrong with a bottle of a popular fragrance for a father-in-law. Calvin Klein Eternity features notes of sage, basil, cedarwood, geranium and mandarin; scents can be subjective, but this Eau de Toilette is well-loved and known for being one of the best men's colognes for a reason, combining botanical and herby notes that make this a classic all-year-round scent.


24. Logitech iPad Keyboard Case

RRP: £64.99  

If he’s recently received or purchased an iPad but would rather type than use the touch screen, this tablet case includes an easy-to-use keyboard (with corresponding shortcut keys), and boasts an impressive four-year battery life. 


25. Argos Home BBQ Accessory Set

RRP: £20  

If he’s well-known for his epic barbeques, this 18-piece BBQ set will take his hosting skills to the next level and ensure he gets the BBQ right every time. The kit includes tongs, skewers, corn on the cob holders, a cleaning brush and much more, neatly tucked away inside a zip-up case. Same-day delivery is available, so this is a great last-minute gift, too.

What are the best gift experiences for in-laws?

When we asked father-in-laws what they would like to receive as a gift, they all mentioned gift experiences. A personal gift that will be truly unique, choosing an experience that the family can get involved in, or that your father-in-law can enjoy with his children, will always be appreciated.

Polly Noel-Storr, Head of Gifts at Moonpig, told us that "Buying an experience-related gift such as a day racing a car or a trip out to the West End is a great chance to broaden your recipient's horizons and provide them with an opportunity to make new memories they'll cherish forever". "As a starting point", Noel-Storr continues, "being conscious of their interests is key, or even considering an activity they have previously expressed an interest in doing but not yet organised themselves".

She adds, "the golden rule I always stick to when buying any kind of gift is to ensure the gift you give is always one you'd like to receive - so perhaps give it a second thought if you’re considering buying an adrenaline-junkie-focused experience that you wouldn’t be happy to participate in yourself!"

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