This genius hack to get grease out of Tupperware will change your life

It's unbelievably easy!

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A new hack to get stubborn stains out of your Tupperware has gone viral on TikTok and fans can’t believe how easy it is!

Plastic Tupperware has always been hard to clean and is easily stained with grease once it's contained food that's oily or tomato-based. But one clever TikTok user has shared an easy hack to help get your containers sparkling clean.

The video has already been viewed over 13.5 million times and has millions of likes. Fans have gone wild for the hack - and the best part - you don’t need to buy anything to do it! The easy hack requires dish soap, water, and a paper towel, that's it! So you won't need to head to the supermarket to buy cleaning products, you probably have everything you need in your kitchen already!

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The hack suggests that you place water, dish soap, and a paper towel in your Tupperware. You then fit the lid onto the Tupperware and then vigorously shake the container until it is clean. The TikTok user shows that all of the greases get attached to the paper towel and are lifted from the Tupperware. 

Fans have gone wild for this hack with one quick to comment, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME all this time it’s been that why doesn’t the damn sponge do that.” Another said, “It works! This is my favorite hack from TikTok! We use it several times a week for lunch containers and leftovers.”

Whereas some commenters were more skeptical, one fan wrote, “No way, I’ve been SCRUBBING every container like this and it never comes off.” Another commenter said, “not believing until myth busters does an episode on this.”

The TikTok user made a second part to the video and revealed how clean her Tupperware was after she completed the hack. Her container was spotless and the grease stains all vanished. This is a hack you just have to try!


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