The saucy history behind pampas grass—and why you may want to reconsider this home decor

Pampas grass is one of the trendiest items of home decor at the moment, but did you know that this plant has a saucy history?

pampas grass
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Pampas grass is one of the trendiest items of home decor over the past few years, but some fans will be surprised to find out about the plant's saucy history...

Pampas grass is a 2022 interior design trend that is set to be huge in according to designers, but while this plant may be a trendy decor item, you may want to think about what it is signaling to your guests.

Apparently, pampas grass is associated with quite a raunchy hobby, so if you're not into this type of sexual activity, you may be giving the wrong impression to your neighbors...

pampas grass

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Reportedly, pampas grass may be a subtle symbol that swingers use to suggest to their guests that they enjoy 'the lifestyle.' The Telegraph reported in 2017 that the sale of Pampas grass had plummeted and some garden centers suspected that this was because of its links to the swinging lifestyle. 

"Plant sellers says sales have plummeted—in no small part due to the plant being regarded as a secret signal to passersby that its owners are happy to indulge in swinging," reported the Telegraph.

The outlet also spoke to Steve Dawson, a buyer for a large gardening website in the UK, who suggested that there may be some embarrassment about this plant's history.

"A lot of people used to put it in their front gardens—I think people are probably a bit embarrassed about doing that now," said Steve—luckily things have changed since 2017!

Pampas grass

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As pampas grass is now one of the best bedroom trends for 2022, it is clear that attitudes towards this plant have totally changed and it's moved past its dated history.

Perhaps attitudes towards sex are also more progressive and people are more liberated than they were in 2017. Swinging isn't one of the hottest sex trends of 2022 just yet but pampas grass is certainly still on-trend—so we say to place it in vases all over your house! 

But that being said, you may have to be prepared for some curious neighbors if you plant it out in your front garden...

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