Bridgerton is back and with it a desire for 'Regencycore' interiors

Dearest reader, there's an exciting interior trend in the ton this season, it's called 'Regencycore' and it's the epitome of lavish sophistication

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The time has finally come, our favourite period drama has returned to our screens and with it our fondness of the regal interior trend 'Regencycore'. This elegant scheme is everything we love about the luxurious bold looks of the early 1800s modernised for 21st-century homes.

Whilst any room in your home can adopt the 'regencycore' aesthetic, we can see this becoming a particularly favourable bedroom trend as well as an increasingly popular living room scheme. So if you're tired of minimalist neutral interiors then you'll certainly be a fan of this decadently decorative look. 

We spoke to interior design experts to discover the key elements of the trend and the foolproof ways to achieve the look in our homes. 

What is Regencycore? 

So what is this royal-ready trend? Aside from ridiculously expensive London townhouses and countryside palaces, there are several ways you can incorporate the 'Recencycore' look into your home without having to be a lady or queen.

"When thinking of ‘Regencycore’ interiors, think rich mahogany furnishings, sumptuous fabrics, heavy trims and intricate mouldings. Regency Interiors take the appealing aspects of ‘Cottagecore’ (the cosiness, the visual warmth, the wooden flooring) and elevate them beyond the farmhouse into something more lavish," explains Louisa Rodgers, a vintage dealer and fashion communication lecturer. 

If you're looking for ways to make your bedroom look expensive then this is the trend for you, it's not only about the lavish bold prints but also the richness in the details. Think intricate mouldings and delicate floral china alongside sturdy rich wooden furniture, the vision of sophistication. 

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How to get the Regencycore look 

Now you know what the trend entails, you might be wondering how you can recreate it in your home. The key is to balance regency-core with your modern tastes, if you're into the maximalist decor trend then this balance will be much easier to strike due to the similar lavish aesthetic. 

Here are five ways you can bring the Regency era into your home, unfortunately, the grand parties don't come with the furniture but you can fix that... 

1. Pick a statement piece

"First things first - find a statement piece that acts as the focal point of your space," advises Caron Grant, the brand manager at luxury furniture brand Bridgman

"We suggest a bold sofa or accent chair that guides the theme of the rest of your space. Think rich purples and royal blue hues that possess an irresistible air of decadence." 

She also points out that just because something is bold doesn't mean it has to be gaudy, if you want things to stay a bit more understated then Caron says a simple cream or grey upholstery can make a statement when used in a chenille or velvet fabric. 

This statement piece can be a long mahogany dining table, a regal four-post bed with drapes or as small as an armchair. Whatever your budget and taste, finding a piece of furniture to centre your 'Regencycore' around all depends on you.

Why not look at second hand retailers like eBay or Facebook Marketplace? Follow expert advice for buying second hand furniture to source the best finds. 

2. Pay attention to details

traditional living room with chandelier and dining room table

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It's not just big beds and sofas that can achieve the look, considering the smaller details of your space and how you can elevate them is an effective yet budget-friendly way of participating in the trend. 

For example, looking at lighting trends that could work for a Regency-esque space or adding wall panelling to your room will make a huge difference. Georgia Metcalfe, founder of French Bedroom, explains how layering different textures can quickly elevate your space. 

"Mix textures such as velvet, brass, upholstered fabric and handwoven rugs to create an old-worldly feel. Textile detailing such as rope and tassel tiebacks on curtains, or trimmings on cushions are a great way to add interest and detail," says Georgia. 

Why not incorporate the bookshelf wealth trend and upcycle your bookcase? Statement bookcases are a key trend in Regency-era interiors and showing off your impressive cloth-bound classics collection has never been more in style. With the right approach, even a winning IKEA Billy bookcase hack could fit the brief.

3. Invest in a luxurious rug

picture of living room with large regal rug

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Not only is a grand lavish rug a great way of incorporating the 'Regencycore' trend it's also one of the best ways to make a small bedroom look bigger. So if you're low on space but want to up the regalness of your room, it's time to invest in a magnificent rug. 

"Heighten humble entryways or bring extravagance to a dining room by pairing natural rugs or carpets with bold colours and lavish patterns," explains Kirsty Barton, brand storytelling manager at Alternative Flooring

"Derived from sustainable plant fibres, natural carpets and rugs made from sisal, jute, coir, or seagrass add texture and style in abundance while displaying a sense of regal charm. Providing a hardwearing and elegant flooring option, the intricate weaves and natural shades are sympathetic to the aged materials found in historical homes."

No matter what room you're re-styling, a statement rug with complementary colours and patterns can quickly pull it together whilst also adding another layer of comfort. Especially if you're lucky enough to have hardwood flooring, a plush rug will be a welcome addition on cold mornings.  

4. Go bold with your wallpaper pattern

Floral themed living room with coffee table, candle sticks and flowers

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Whilst you might have shied away from the wallpaper trends in recent years, it's time is come again and the 'Regencycore' trend is a perfect example of that. Gone are the days of simply papering a boring-looking wallpaper over every wall in your room, there are now new inventive ways to incorporate personality and patterns that won't overwhelm you. 

Wallpaper back in the actual Regency era was hard to come by and extremely expensive, but lucky for us that isn't the case anymore. Daniel Bland, renowned gilder and gold-leaf artist, explains, "Luckily wallpaper design and manufacturing has been modernised significantly and the hand-painted effect is easily accessible."

"Opt for Regency-inspired patterns and prints or damask to keep with the period that wouldn’t look out of place in a stately home. Combine with panelling and paper on the inside of the panelling so the wallcovering looks framed for added impact." 

He also goes on to point out that wallpapering in Regency style is great as you can opt for a colour palette that reflects your own personality. 

"Go bold with vibrant lavender hues or decadent Royal blues or add an extra luxe feel by choosing a mixed metallic paper to offer the gilded gold edge giving you high-end luxury for less," he says. 

The Little Green Paint Company Wilton Wallpaper, Marle: £95 at John Lewis 

The Little Green Paint Company Wilton Wallpaper, Marle: £95 at John Lewis 

If you're looking to go big with your wallpaper but perhaps not too flashy then this green damask design is ideal. Design specifically to reflect a grand English home, you can't get more Bridgerton if you try.

5. Add delicate touches

picture of antique vases in a row

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Once the larger elements of your room have been transformed, it's key to tend to the smaller details as well as add your finishing touches. Just be prepared to relearn how to dust your bedroom with all your new trinkets!.

Georgia recommends investing in antiques or top-quality new alternatives to classic pieces with intricate detailing, hand-carved feminine lines and hints of metallic gold or brass. "You could even add ornate gold picture frames with oil paintings or Renaissance-style art," she says. 

Finding fun quirky ways to add these small details can be all you choose to do, participating in new interior trends shouldn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. 

Picking up some ceramic tea sets, candle holders and figurines at a charity shop or online secondhand shop will allow you to keep the costs down all while transforming your space. 

Once your home has been transformed into a Bridgerton dreamland, why not take the aesthetic outdoors? Nick Drewe, founder of Wethrift, says, "It’s not just inside the home that is taking inspiration from ‘Regencycore’ - people are inserting this aesthetic in their gardens too.

Manicured gardens represent not only material luxury - as many living in cities do not have access to any outdoor space - but also the luxury of time taken to look after and maintain the space."

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