The black and white tile floor in Victoria Beckham’s home is beyond chic

Of course Posh Spice has a chic black and white tile floor like this one

victoria beckham wearing large black sunglasses
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In an Instagram post, Victoria Beckham showed off the magnificent black and white tile floors in her foyer, and it's giving us major home decor inspiration. 

We don't need to be the first to tell you that Victoria Beckham truly is one of the most stylish people in the world, and this description fits across all fronts. Not only is she incredibly talented and stylish with her fashion (she does, after all, have her own fashion line, and she's not called Posh Spice for nothing), but she also has great taste when it comes to things like beauty and home decor. In fact, we recently saw a picture of VB's amazing marble black and white tile floor in the foyer of her home, and it was too good to not show, as it might just be one of the best homes pictures we've ever seen. 

Since David Beckham's documentary came out on Netflix, we've been getting more and more glimpses of inside looks into their home, and since viewing the documentary and seeing the picture of her foyer, we just haven't been able to get the chic tiled floor out of her head. 

They foyer to their magnificent London home is fit for royalty, with a grand white staircase to match their beautiful black and white floor. What's more, Victoria is wearing a super chic black and white backless gown in the phone, so everything just matches perfectly. It's truly visual bliss. 

Black and white tile floors are not a new home trend - you can go to palaces around the world and find the same tiling on their floors. It goes to show, however, that the Beckhams have timeless taste, as clearly displayed in the details of their grand foyer.

On the walls in the foyer, she had glamorous art hung on the walls in crisp white frames, as well as some chic and elegant black sconces that help illuminate the crisp hallway with more light. 

Following the magical foyer is a white marble staircase, which also features black wrought iron on the railing, sculpted into an intricate and detailed design - nuances only someone as stylish as Victoria would think to add to her home. Going up the stairs, you can see a rather large arched doorway leading into another room, as well as a glimmering chandelier hanging at the top of the stairs.

In case you're looking to incorporate more black and white items in your home this year like Posh Spice, have no fear - we have some products that can help get you started. 

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