Dulux’s latest launch is designed to stop arguments around interior design choices, but will it work?

Are you fed up with fighting over colour schemes and interior design choices? Dulux is on hand to help

composite of three shades of the new Dulux compromise paint palette
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Decorating a home when you and your partner have contradicting tastes can often lead to disagreements. Luckily for all you homeowners, Dulux has launched a paint palette to diffuse that pent-up interior design tension.

Deciding which interior design trends and interior paint colour trends to follow can be difficult enough. Still, when you have to then factor in a whole household's opinions it can seem near impossible. It won't be long until you find yourself arguing over the best white paint colours

Thankfully, Dulux has carried out the research and created a palette that is so calming and amiable that even the pickiest interior lover will enjoy it, or will they? 

New in: Dulux compromise paint palette 

After carrying out the research Dulux found that choosing a paint colour is the biggest thing that causes spats between those decorating homes together. Armed with this information, Colour expert and Creative Director at Dulux, Marianne Shillingford has launched the 'Compromise Palette' to solve these paint-related rows. 

"While we often think of neutral colours as a bit of a safe bet, the role they play in creating calming spaces – despite them causing the most quarrels – cannot be argued," says Marianne.

"As these are the hues causing the most hassle, it’s therefore not surprising that one of the most relaxing communal rooms in the house – the living room – is the most disputed when it comes to decorating, with it causing squabbles amongst 28 per cent of us," Marianne continues. 

With neutrals being one of the biggest colour palettes of this year, thanks to the minimaluxe trend, what can you do when one of these inevitable magnolia disputes begins? 

picture of neutral bohemian living room with mixed interiors

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Recognising that this problem simply can't continue, Dulux created the 'Compromise Palette'. It's a collection of nine pre-existing beloved Dulux colours that aim to find the balance between both different interior styles and various colour preferences. 

The palette as a whole was designed to reduce the likelihood of a decorating dispute taking place and instead offer up only agreeable options to choose from. 

Marianne explains, "The ‘Compromise Palette’ consists of a versatile selection of neutrals that work beautifully together, but are just as happy alongside bolder colours – ready to slot into your space no matter your style preferences." 

Colours-wise, there are calming quite luxury neutrals such as White Cotton, Pebble Shore and Tranquil Dawn which provide a calming feel to a room and have undertones of green. 

Alongside these neutral are the true greys: Rock Salt, Polished Pebble and Chic Shadow. Marianne says, "Each adds an element of modernity and tranquillity, which is beneficial in busy spaces where some thrive and others become anxious." 

The last three colours of the collection, Summer Linen, Natural Hessian and Pressed Putty, are warm neutrals that will create a welcoming feel to an already cool-toned space. Ideal if you're looking for ways to decorate with magnolia.

Whilst all the colours are perfectly usable on their own, another function of the palette is to be able to choose complimentary neutrals without too much back and forth. All the hues in the collection have undertones which will pair well with deeper colours and bolder interiors. 

So before you give up and opt for one of the stunning wallpaper trends this year, try out the Compromise Palette, there's quite literally something for everyone in it! 

If you're lucky enough to not have to compromise with anyone why not try out the 2024 Dulux colour of the year? We have to say it might be one of our favourite neutrals from the brand yet! 

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