Aldi's cast iron cookware rivals iconic Le Creuset – but costs up to £280 less

The supermarket is relaunching its sell-out cast iron collection which is an affordable alternative to the highly desirable cookware

Aldi cast iron cookware collection a kitchen with a wooden wall
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The best-selling Aldi cast iron cookware collection is the latest must-have from the middle aisle of the affordable supermarket this week. The desirable cast iron cookware starts from just £12.99. 

While there's no denying that the iconic French brand Le Creuset is the crème de la crème when it comes to cast iron cookware it is expensive, and even if you find the best Black Friday Le Creuset deals it'll be hard to beat Aldi's affordable prices. 

Aldi's cast iron collection features various-sized casserole dishes, griddle pans, cast iron skillets and roasters to cover every conceivable recipe you could wish to cook. The fantastically affordable collection arrives in stores on Thursday 23rd November alongside Aldi's heated clothes airer and the Aldi dual basket air fryer – a great day to be in the middle aisle.

compilation image showing Aldi cast iron cookware being used to cook and on a kitchen countertop

Aldi's complete cast iron cookware collection, priced from £12.99 - £24.99

(Image credit: Aldi | Kirkton House)

Aldi's cast iron range is made by the brand Kirkton House, like much of their respected cookware. The cheapest item in the collection is a griddle pan which is £12.99, with the most expensive being a casserole dish priced at £24.99.

Compare the Aldi 4.7L Cast Iron Casserole Dish priced at £24.99 to the best-selling and frankly iconic Le Creuset 4.7L Casserole Dish which is £309 – that's a saving of £284.01. This range makes the wonder of cooking with cast iron available to all budding chefs on all budgets. 

Here are Aldi's cast iron cookware credentials...

  • The full range is oven safe up to 250°C
  • Suitable for all hobs including induction
  • Enamel coated on both interior and exterior
  • Available in Midnight Blue, Matt Black or Cream

We're not saying it can compare to Le Creuset in terms of status but I can personally vouch for how good the Aldi cast iron cookware is in terms of quality. I was lucky enough to snap up a selection of the best-selling cookware the last time it greeted the middle aisle.

My supermarket cast iron cookware collection comprises an Aldi Shallow Casserole Dish in Matt Black; and an Aldi 26cm Cast Iron Casserole Dish for cooking hearty casserole dishes and delicious stews. Both are in the Matt Black option.

Matt black cast iron cookware on a black kitchen countertop

My own personal collection of Aldi Cast Iron casserole dishes that are supreme quality

(Image credit: Future | Tamara Kelly)

While the on-trend new Le Creuset colours can't be rivalled, because there are so many of them, we must say Aldi's 'Midnight Blue' casserole dishes with copper handles are pretty chic to add a make a kitchen look more expensive when displayed on the hob.

Being out on display is a very probable outcome, I say this because both my own Aldi casseroles and Le Creuset saucepans all live on the hob because I use them daily and they are too heavy to keep lifting in and out of the cupboard.

compilation of food display in aldi cast iron cookware on a kitchen countertop

Aldi's Cast Iron Skillets and Cast Iron Griddle Pans are all £12.99

(Image credit: Aldi | Kirkton House)

Midnight Blue Aldi cast iron roaster dish with cooked vegetables

This Aldi Cast Iron 4.8L Roaster is £19.99, compared to the price of Le Creuset's Cast Iron 4.9L Roast which is £215. 

(Image credit: Aldi)

Woman&home's deputy food editor Rose Fooks is a big fan of cast iron cookware: "The best thing about cast iron is its versatility. A cast iron pan will work on all hobs, including induction, and can be used in the oven too. They distribute the heat evenly so are great for cooking pretty much everything from steak to stew, and are certainly elegant enough to serve from at the table."

"After versatility comes durability, treat it right and a cast iron pan will last a lifetime," says Rose. "Although traditionally a commitment cost-wise, brands such as Aldi are making owning cast iron cookware much more affordable."

Rose Fooks food writer
Rose Fooks

Rose completed a degree in Art at Goldsmiths University before beginning her career in the restaurant industry as a commis chef at The Delaunay in 2015. She then worked at Zedel before becoming part of the team that opened Islington’s popular Bellanger restaurant. 

To hone her patissier skills, Rose joined the Diplome de Patisserie and Culinary Management course at Le Cordon Bleu. She ran a food market in Islington and cooked for a catering company that used only surplus food to supply events, before finding her way into publishing and food styling.

Wherever you buy your cast iron cookware one essential element for preserving cast iron is upholding the right cleaning and aftercare. From cleaning by hand for added care to seeking suitable pots and pan storage ideas to keep the heavy material safe and sound.

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