20 Easter wreath ideas and door decorations for spring 2023

From painted egg creations to floral arrangements these Easter wreath ideas are perfect for adding seasonal charm to front doors this spring

A composite image of three different Easter wreath ideas and door decorations including real foliage, pastel eggs and a carrot-inspired tulip door swag
(Image credit: Future | Future | Etsy)

Stylish Easter wreath ideas and door decorations are ideal for adding that extra-special touch to your home throughout spring celebrations.

Far from being a seasonal staple resigned to the winter months, wreaths have become popular Easter decoration ideas to add a spring flourish to the home, both inside and out.

Unlike the more traditional spring home decor like Easter trees, wreaths have only emerged as an Easter trend in recent years, but have burst into interior schemes with a variety of designs and DIY options. 

From beautiful blooms to quirky non-floral options and DIY to ready-to-order, there are plenty of Easter wreath ideas to choose from, as our round-up of expert-picked decorations and stylish decor schemes proves. Some can double up as Easter table decor and beautiful centerpieces, or you can even gift them to loved ones as beautiful Easter gifts for adults

Easter wreath ideas for spring 2023

1. Use a novelty Easter wreath base

Bunny shaped wreath base to create your own cute easter wreath idea

(Image credit: Hobbycraft)

Easter wreath ideas come in all shapes and sizes, so for a novel take on the traditional Easter wreath that kids will love, opt for a bunny base. With its unmistakable shape, a wreath inspired by the Easter Bunny is perfect for layering up with flowers, eggs and other decorative elements. 

Great for using on both indoors and outside, this striking idea will bring a playful touch to traditional Easter door decorations. It can also make a fun addition to kids' playrooms or bedrooms after the holiday.

2. Create a pom-pom Easter bunny wreath

This pom-pom Easter wreath is a great DIY project to involve the kids with, and will look fabulous once completed. Constructed from a simple ring wreath that has had pre-made pom-poms glued to it, the finishing touch is a bunny ear headband that nestles over the top half of the wreath base. Easy, right?

  • Easter Animal Wreaths knitting pattern, £4.20, Pat Alinejad at LoveCrafts

3. Consider artificial flowers for a long-lasting wreath

artificial flower wreath

(Image credit: Designs by Jessica P | Etsy)

Many Easter wreath ideas feature fake flowers: they outlast real blooms, and many faux florals are so convincing these days that you wouldn't even know the difference. 

One perfect example is this colorful wreath which is perfect for hanging on any front door this spring. An array of pastel-colored artificial florals, speckled Easter eggs, pips, and berries form a generous floral wreath arranged on a sturdy 10" grapevine base – its tendrils finish out to 26" inches in diameter. 

For any wreath comprising fake flowers, there are a couple of things you can do to help them stay looking great for longer. Make sure they're kept out of direct sunlight to limit the risk of damage, and also ensure they're in a spot where they can be sheltered from the elements.

  • Easter Egg Wreath with Wildflowers, $159.97/£138.97, Etsy

4. Use an umbrella for a quirky Easter wreath alternative

5. Craft a wreath using painted eggs

Easter decorations and spring flowers with an Easter egg wreath

(Image credit: Future)

Painted eggs are a pretty traditional Easter decoration and they can be used to create DIY Easter wreaths. Once the eggs have been emptied and decorated, string them together using twine or use a more sturdy wreath base (like the wire coat hanger used in the image above). 

It can be hung everywhere from the kitchen to the bedroom, just ensure it's up out of harm's way - as this Easter wreath idea is extremely fragile. 

6. Make a wooden bead Easter wreath

For yet another fun take on traditional Easter wreaths, search no further than this wooden bead Easter wreath. Wooden beads have never looked chicer while adding pops of lush greenery and pretty petals helps maintain the spring theme.

Shared by blogger Amanda of Finding Mandee, this wooden bead Easter wreath is sturdy enough to survive on a front door but would also look great indoors. Have fun with how you position your flowers and foliage: we love how Amanda has styled the example above to look as if it's wearing a flower crown. To make your own, take a look at Amanda's full tutorial

7. Forage materials for your Easter wreath

An Easter wreath with different types of feathers or spring flowers like daffodils

(Image credit: Future)

If you're keen to avoid too many florals in your Easter decor, you could consider this foraged, rustic effect for your Easter wreath.

A great addition to your mantelpiece or dining area, this wreath idea involves repurposing your Christmas wreaths or using DIY wreath making kits for the foliage base. 

Once you have your green leafy base, forage spring-themed materials to decorate it. This can include different types of feathers or spring flowers like daffodils.

8. Design a light-up Easter wreath

An Easter wreath with different types of feathers or spring flowers like daffodils

(Image credit: Future)

While the evenings will technically start getting lighter as spring approaches, there's still no harm in considering wreath ideas that will add a little extra sparkle to your home. Whether paired with flowers or plastic eggs, twinkling lights are the perfect way to further enhance your beautiful Easter wreath once the sun begins to set.

Strings of LED lights can easily be twisted around DIY Easter wreaths and, if you want to keep things simple, light-up wreaths are available to buy too.

9. Craft an Easter rag wreath

A DIY Easter Wreath from Etsy made using rags

(Image credit: Etsy)

A rag wreath is a great way to utilize any old fabrics you might have knocking around at home. It'll cut your need to splash out on new materials and the risk of chipping your Easter nails design on spiky foliage. An eco-friendly alternative, it allows you to upcycle everything from old cushion covers to fraying pyjamas. Granted, it's not a look that everyone loves but it's certainly worth considering!

Colorful, unique and perfectly imperfect, scrap fabric wreaths are long-lasting and perfect for bringing a cheerful dose of color to your home. There are plenty of great how-to tutorials out there for making your own rag wreath, although if you're not sure where to begin, consider buying a ready-to-use kit.

  • DIY Springtime Rag Wreath Kit, $24.84/£19.79, Pacecraft Creations via Etsy

10. Design a living Easter wreath

Living Easter wreath idea in a entryway hanging above a settle bench

(Image credit: Future)

A living wreath, packed with blooming bulbs and flowering buds, is a fantastic decorative option for your home this Easter. 

"The living wreath is made using moss on a wire frame, and plants," says Kerrie Bridger of Highgate Florist, who created the wreath above. "Simply place the moss onto the wreath frame and position your chosen plants on top, at more of an angle if you're planning to hang your wreath rather than lay it flat. Then wrap the moss around the bulbs or roots of the plant and wrap some wire around to secure it all in place".

Kerrie says spring bulbs and primroses work particularly well for this wreath idea, which would be a great choice for passionate gardeners and kids alike. "It's an easy DIY and you should be able to find all the materials you need via your local florist or garden center," she adds. 

As well as making a great Easter door decoration, Bridger also notes that a living wreath would make perfect Easter mantel decor above a fireplace or a great Easter gift.

11. Create an Easter egg wreath

An Easter Wreath made out of sugared almonds

(Image credit: Future)

There are lots of Easter wreath ideas that use the best Easter eggs to create a striking centerpiece. We think Mini Eggs or pastel-colored sugared almonds make the best craft supply when creating an egg-covered design. 

All you'll need is a wreath base, a large packet of eggs, and some hot glue to create the look, with the added option of threading in a ribbon. Alternatively, keep your eyes peeled for ready-to-buy Easter egg wreaths from your favorite store or florist.

12. Make an Easter egg box wreath

The next time you get to the end of a box of eggs, don't throw the carton in the trash. Instead, use each compartment of the egg carton to form the basis of an egg box Easter wreath. 

A brilliant activity to try with the kids, each division can be trimmed into a flower shape and painted before being glued together to make a vibrant and unique Easter wreath. Take a look at blogger Porter's full tutorial and try it for yourself. 

13. Make a hula-hoop Easter wreath

Got a hula-hoop knocking around in your garage or home gym? Use it as the base for an elegant Easter wreath. Whether it's wrapped in colorful ribbons or adorned with flowers, the hula-hoop's shape lends itself perfectly to becoming an Easter wreath for the holidays. 

Cheap to buy (you can pick them up in most dollar stores) and easy to decorate, they're also very lightweight. Just make sure you secure your hoop wreath to your front door securely.

14. Make a chick nest Easter wreath

For a nature-inspired Easter wreath, partially decorate a simple base with foliage. Glue a vertical twig in place across the middle of the base, and attach fluffy chicks to it. The finished look is super cute, and will suit any sort of home. There are a number of different Amazon Easter gifts you could use instead, such as swapping the chicks for bunny ornaments. 

  • DearSun Pack of 36 Mini Chicks Easter Chicks, $15.79/ £13.45, Amazon

15. Crochet an Easter wreath

A DIY Easter Wreath made out of crochet with a rabbit incorporated into the design

(Image credit: Hobbycraft)

A crocheted Easter wreath will work best indoors and will add a beautiful touch of homespun color to any wall inside your home: "A crocheted Easter wreath isn't really that suitable for outdoors unless it is sheltered," notes Willis.

Tapping into amigurumi – the Japanese-born art of creating small crocheted or knitted stuffed animals – children will adore this cute idea, which was created by the crafts store, @thestitchtower. Hobbycraft has shared the full amigurumi tutorial, and at 62 steps, it's not for the faint-hearted!

16. Get creative with an alternative Easter swag

Tulip carrot swag on a front door to suggest a fun alternative Easter wreath idea

(Image credit: Etsy)

If you're looking for a more playful design to grace your front door why not opt for a carrot-inspired swag that is sure to raise a smile from anyone who approaches your home?

You can choose to make your own swag using sprigs of fresh Rosemary or garnish at the top to emulate the green tops, followed below by colored tulips to form the main body of the carrot. Of course to replicate the vibrant orange shade you may need to work with artificial silk tulips if you can't source natural ones. 

To save having to make the arrangement altogether you can buy this fabulous creation as shown, and because it's made using faux flowers and foliage it can serve you for years to come.

  • Tulip Carrot Door Swag Wreath, $93.99/ £81.65, Etsy

17. Arrange beautiful bunches of Daffodils

daffodil Easter wreath idea on a mantel

(Image credit: Future)

Bunches of Daffodils are a cost-effective flower that is ideal for crafting your own DIY flower wreath. You can leave the individual bunches tied together, mindfully swapping out any unattractive elastic bands for prettier ribbons or ties to keep them secured. 

Secure the bunches onto any form of plain wreath base, perhaps even the bare Christmas wreath base or a moss-covered one you can find affordably at the local florist or market. Place the bunches on the forward-facing surface of the wreath base in alternating directions so they lay end to end to cover the surface of the surround. You can arrange them as you wish, in a more haphazard manner if you wish – there are no rules, other than to cover the base.

To hang in place, simply attach a decorative length of ribbon that is strong enough to take the weight. if hanging on the front door you might wish to lightly take the bottom of the wreath base to the door to give it extra security.

18. Keep it simple

Simple Easter wreath ideas with willow hoops and seasonal sprigs

(Image credit: Future)

Easter wreath ideas can be understated and still be effective at adding a beautifully decorative touch, whether on a front door or above a mantel indoors. 

A simple willow hoop decorated with sprigs of evergreen foliage and a cluster of seasonal flowers are all that are needed to make a display-worthy wreath to hang throughout the whole of spring. 

With this style of Easter wreath idea you have multiple options. You can buy one ready made, or buy a plain willow hoop to adorn with artificial sprigs of your choice for an everlasting arrangement. Of course if you are making your own design using real foliage you will have to redress the hoop every few days to keep it look fresh. 

19. Adopt a charming heart-shaped wreath

heart-shaped daisy Easter wreath idea

(Image credit: Future)

Show a little extra love with a heart-shaped Easter wreath idea. From rustic all-twig creations to artificial daisy designs there's a heart wreath for all tastes. The shape helps to add an extra layer of charm to the idea of hanging seasonal decor.

Like with all our wreath ideas you can buy a beautiful readymade option or have a go at creating your own on a plain rattan or wire heart base affixing flowers and garnishing securely with a glue gun.

20. Swap an Easter wreath for an Easter basket

Looking for something a little different to decorate your front door? Swap the traditional Easter wreath concept for a stylish hanging basket design. Ideal for filling with fake flowers that will last all spring long, this sophisticated take on a classic  wreath can be regularly switched up: you can change the flowers, as well as the ribbon tied around the basket. You can also repurpose Easter basket gifts you've been gifted in previous years to make this decoration. 

  • La Jolie Seagrass Woven Storage Baskets (set of 2), $19.99, Amazon

How do you make a cheap Easter wreath?

If you're keen to make an Easter wreath on a budget, it might be easier than you think.

"Get lengths of willow or a flexible creeper, such as stems of corpus (dogwood), akebia or passiflora (passion flower), and secure in place with bind wire or garden twine at regular intervals," says Blacklock. "Make a nook for hanging it and glue colorful dried flowers to your frame."

"Nature provides the most glorious gifts for free, so if you're looking for lower budget options, take a walk out into the garden or to the woodland and see what you can find on the forest floor," agrees Willis. "Sprigs of hawthorn in blossom, leafy twigs and pieces of bark all make for texture that you can wire into your wreath."  

Creating non-floral decorations doesn't need to be costly, either.

"Use yarn and fabric scraps to make flowers and leaves," Willis suggests. "You can also make papier mache eggs using old newspapers and paint. Half-balls of yarn can be used for pompoms, and you can also easily repurpose an old Christmas wreath."

An Easter wreath

(Image credit: Future)

When should you put an Easter wreath up?

While Christmas comes with its traditional Twelfth Night expiration date for decorations, Easter doesn't really have any guidelines in terms of when you should (or shouldn't) decorate your home.

So is there such a thing as the "right" time to put an Easter wreath on your front door? Not really, says Blacklock, who notes that March 20th, as the first official day of spring, could be an appropriate time to get decorating.

Equally, in terms of taking your Easter wreath down, there's no rush. Pretty seasonal wreaths are commonplace on doors all-year long these days, so make the most of it while it lasts. 

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