This chic lube brand is disguised as a lipstick and can be carried anywhere

Lipstick or lube? The world may never know...

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Gone are the days of hiding your lube all the way in the bottom of your bag or nightstand - this new design will help you discreetly carry it anywhere.

You can finally make some room in your nightstand - there's a new lube in town that can discreetly be hidden in your pocket, purse, or even right out in the open. Real talk: lube is messy, physically and theoretically speaking. It somehow not only sticks to everything but also slides everywhere - which is why it's critical to choose one of the best lubes so that you can avoid the mess.

Not only that but there is seemingly still a stigma that lube is taboo, luckily though, Glissant has revolutionized lube, making the sexual necessity not only 100% aesthetically pleasing but also, dare we say it, diplomatic.

Sea Salt and Caramel Intimate Lubricant from Glissant, $55 | Blue Mercury

Sea Salt and Caramel Intimate Lubricant from Glissant, $55 | Blue Mercury

Luxurious FDA-cleared, water-based intimate lubricant blended with sea salt & caramel to hydrate your personal areas.

There are plenty of lube brands out there with pretty packaging (Maude, for example, looks akin to a bottle of the ever-coveted Aesop soap), but Glissant takes the idea of beautiful branding to the next step, ensuring that the lube's container looks luxurious and discreet.

And, as we know, products only become more alluring when the packaging is pleasing to the eye - making this easy-to-use spray product all the more convincing of a purchase. 

So, yes, the product is sure to wow you and your partner with its packaging - but is it a good product?

According to reviewers, Glissant's newest invention brings their sexual experiences to a "whole new level," helping everyone have better sex.

"This smells amazing, works very well (my husband likes it as much as I do) and what I found most appealing is that it is made by a doctor so I know that it's made with clean, high-quality ingredients," one person said on Blue Mercury's site

Could this shift in lube packaging signal a switch in the way we talk about sexual wellness? Although some people will still likely continue to hide away their stash and protect their privacy, others are opting to be more open about their sexual forays. 

And with prepossessing packaging, instead of what you might typically see on the shelf at a gas station or drugstore, people can display their lube on their shelves proudly knowing that it blends in with the aesthetics of their other products.

"The super classy packaging is discrete enough to keep on your bedside or in your purse," another person said of the product. We never thought we'd be tempted to refer to lube as classy or luxurious, but here we are - and we aren't mad about it. 

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