Sex toy sales are booming during lockdown and here’s what we’re all stockpiling

It’s not just toilet roll that everyone’s after...
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  • Does living in lockdown mean you have more time on your hands? You’re not the only one. Online retailers in the UK have reported a surge in sex toy sales since we’ve gone into isolation.

    And it seems Brits are not just after toys to keep them satisfied while social distancing – we’re also scrolling for sex advice on how to make the most of them.

    “The reason for the increase in sex toy sales is that never before in history have we been asked to stay home and look after ourselves,” says Dominnique Karetsos, co-founder of healthy pleasure collective and School of Sexual Wellness Intimology Institute.

    “Sex care is part of self care. History and economics tell us that even in recession or depression birth rates go up as consensual sex is free. Plus, it’s never been as easy to access toys that you can order online and deliver to you door.”

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    Rely on technology for connection

    Use Facetime or Whatsapp calls. Reaching out by phone and hearing a loved one’s voice can intensify your connection. Couples should take advantage of this as there is no reason, providing that you are both clear on what you are both comfortable with and have set boundaries for, that you can’t continue your sex life just over a different medium – why not turn up the heat an experiment with sexting or phone sex!

    Explore on your own

    The common misunderstanding is that changing your sex life all has to happen in the bedroom or with a partner. But exploring new podcasts, books, online courses and workbooks can really help you to expand your thinking and open up your perspective and learning when it comes to sex. Have a listen to LELO’s podcast for some fun chats about all things related to sex and pleasure.

    Try to enjoy a different routine

    Instead of going out, indulge yourself in a long bath and give your body much needed care and attention during a time of unease. The difficulty with self-isolation is exactly that, it’s isolating! It disrupts our normal lives and routines, so consider how you could use this time differently in a way that you wouldn’t be able to with your usual routine.

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