This is how you can help combat bladder weakness

It's a common condition – but it doesn't need to take over your life...

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Did you know that bladder weakness affects one in three women?

Whether it catches you out in a yoga class, mid-wiggle on the dancefloor, during a frantic dash for the bus or just vacuuming the hall, it can happen at any time and at any age.

Many factors can increase the possibility of bladder weakness – from pregnancy, birth and the menopause to genetic incontinence and obesity.

And with so many women affected, it’s time to stop feeling anxious and embarrassed, and do something about it. Bladder weakness doesn’t need to have a negative effect on your social life or put an end to the activities you enjoy doing.

Always Discreet stops you worrying about where the nearest loo is and let you get on with your life. Its collection of products are brilliant for women with bladder weakness.

Which product is right for me?

Everyone is different, meaning our bladder weakness needs are different too. Always Discreet has a range of products that suit your lifestyle and protection needs.

  • Liner: For only a few drops or less, when there’s a little dampness.
  • Pads: For occasional leakage when sneezing or coughing causes wetness.
  • Pads+: For frequent, medium- intensity leakage, when lighter-absorbency pads are just not enough.

  • Pants: For large amounts caused by sudden urges, or for when you’re active and want protection that stays in place even better.
  • Boutique underwear: Incredibly absorbent and beautifully designed pants that are made of silky-soft fabric with delicate, lacy prints.

The different absorbencies are visualised by the droplets printed on the side of each package – more droplets filled in means more protection. Prices range from Liners RRP £1.99 to Boutique Pants RRP £8.50.

Always Discreet’s collection of liners, pads and pants helps with everything from small little leaks up to heavier urine losses. Always Discreet combines comfort and pretty designs with protection to help to make leaks feel like no big deal, so that you can live life to the fullest with nothing holding you back.

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