Can you cut grass in the heat? Lawn experts share advice on cutting grass in hot weather

Questioning if you can cut grass in the heat? You're not alone because the heatwave is making it tricky to know what's best for lawns

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If the current heatwave has left you questioning whether you can cut grass in the heat you're not alone, because it's hard to gauge a best practice for mowing during unseasonably high temperatures. 

The sudden spike in hot temperatures has left many homeowners unsure about making common lawn care mistakes because similar to how long you should water a lawn changes during peak summer heat any sudden spikes in temperatures can alter mowing routines. 

Summer lawn care advice would advocate that you should still mow the lawn during warmer weather but with less frequency, but how hot is too hot to cut grass? We have consulted leading lawn care experts to find out for sure.

Can you cut grass in the heat? Expert advice

To mow, or not to mow during a heatwave – that is the question. Chris McIllroy, lawn expert at The Grass People, says: “During hot weather or spells of drought, your lawn will be under greater stress, so mowing may end up doing more harm than good."

“While there is no exact temperature limit over which to avoid mowing your lawn, it’s probably better not to mow during heatwave conditions.”

How hot is too hot to mow the lawn?

What temperatures indicate it's too hot to mow the lawn? “There isn’t a temperature limit per se, but where there are consistent temperatures above 32 degrees and lack of rainfall, the turf can struggle to retain its moisture," says Gemma Vincent, product manager at Hayter

Therefore it can be problematic to tend to any lawn care that poses any potential damage to the blades, such as cutting.

To stay on top of your mowing routine Gemma advises: "The key to keeping your lawn looking tip-top during the warmer weather is keeping it watered. Of course, with the heatwave, this is even more crucial to know when you water your lawn. Irrigate every day if possible, but be careful not to drown the grass.”

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Potential problems of mowing grass in hot weather

Mowing grass during the peak of hot weather can be detrimental to the overall well-being of your turf. “It can lead to unsightly brown patches as the ground struggles to maintain moisture and can cause longer-term damage such as dieback," warns Chris.

“These can both be expensive to repair, so this should be taken into account when deciding whether or not to mow your lawn in hot weather.”

“Another issue you may come across when mowing in hot weather is an increase in pests," warns Gemma. "Lots of insects such as green flies and black flies gather as they love the heat." To keep flies away from your home and garden, it might be an idea to avoid the temptation to mow the lawn. 

What is the best way to cut grass in hot weather?

While it's advisable to avoid mowing during extremely hot weather there are best practices for doing so, and much like when looking at when to first mow the grass after winter, method and timing are everything.

Follow these expert tips to ensure you are getting the best results and giving the necessary care your grass needs during extreme heat.

1. Don't mow too short

Avoid scalping your lawn by raising the mower blades to carry out a shorter cut during hot weather. "If a lawn is mowed too short, it reduces the plants’ ability for growth," warns Gemma. 

"When cut at the proper height, grass develops stronger roots that support more vigorous plants that are more tolerant of stress. Never remove more than one-third of the grass height at one time. By doing so, the lawn is kept cooler because less plant tissue is removed.”

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2. Mow at the right time of day

Never attempt to cut grass in the heat during the hottest part of the day because you risk causing the maximum amount of stress to the lawn.

 “I recommend mowing your lawn in the evening when the high heat of the day has fallen," advises Chris. “Avoid doing it in the morning if you can, as hot weather normally leaves a dew on the ground in the morning and it best not to mow when the lawn is wet or damp." 

3. Leave grass cuttings on the lawn

Sudden extreme temperatures will also dictate whether you should leave grass cuttings on the lawn after mowing because in hot weather the grass benefits immensely from leaving them be.

Avoiding the temptation to box off grass cuttings for a more pristine appearance is a good idea to allow the grass cuttings on your lawn to act as a layer of mulch which effectively traps moisture into the soil by slowing down evaporation caused by heat.

Gemma adds: “Also when you cut your grass, the clippings which fall back into the soil is a better way of fertilising the grass naturally, preserving essential nutrients”.

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