The Real Woman Diet

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  • Who wants to be a size zero! Find out how you can still retain your womanly shape and be healthy

    Sticking to a diet plan can be tiring and restrictive, especially if you are following a strict one. Often, these fad and fast diets cut out entire food groups and are effective short term but they are extremely difficult to maintain long term. While you may notice a weight loss early on in the diet, these restrictive diets can sometimes prevent your body getting nutrients and vitamins it needs from a well-balanced diet and result in problems longer term.

    If you want to retain your wonderfully womanly shape while being as healthy as you can be, then The Real Woman Diet is for you. It is a realistic plan that has been developed to fit around a busy lifestyle. It encourages you to build activity into your daily routine, rather than asking you to take hours out of your day to complete a strict gym regime. On the The Real Woman Diet, you will eat normal meals, lose weight at a healthy rate and, with snacks scheduled into your day, you can eat when you like! Say goodbye to nibbling on lettuce leaves and feeling constantly hungry.

    It’s all about flexible eating that fits around your life. What’s even better is the plan won’t feel like a diet, and once you have reached your target, you can adapt it so it becomes a way of life – making maintaining your healthy curves easy. There’s a lot of choice and treats, so you won’t feel deprived. You can lose upto 2lb a week on The Real Woman Diet, but when it comes to goals, the plan recommends you use a waist measurements or dress size as a target. A waist circumference of 32in or below, is the ideal when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight without sacrificing your curves. Here’s how to get one…

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