The High Protein Diet

Lose weight by tweaking the proportions of the food groups you eat - and discover delicious recipes to make a high protein diet easier!

Fast weight loss with a high protein diet doesn’t have to mean following a plan like the Atkins or Dukan diets.

Simply making sure that a quarter of your daily calories come from lean protein (compared to the recommended 15%) can lead to fast weight loss – and make it easier to stay slim! It could also boost your health – studies have shown that a high protein diet can reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and the risk of osteoporosis and diabetes.

Up the proportion of protein in your daily diet, and you’ll notice you feel fuller for longer after meals – so there’ll be less temptation to turn to sugary snacks. Protein also takes your body longer to digest – meaning you burn calories eating dinner! It will also help your body build muscle, which boosts the calories you burn even when you’re not exercising.

Look for ‘complete proteins’ – which include chicken and turkey, seafood, lean beef, low-fat dairy and vegetarian options including tofu and quinoa. You’ll find all of these and more in our 15 high protein recipes – click through now for these delicious meal ideas for a high protein diet…

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