How To Get Great Posture

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  • Long to be taller, slimmer and more confident? Improving your posture can give you all three...

    What’s the secret? It’s all in the way you hold yourself, as fitness expert Lucy Wyndham-Read explains:

    For me there is nothing more gracious and elegant than perfect posture; I reckon it can cause heads to turn just as fast as a great dress. I will always remember once being at a fitness convention full of young instructors leaping on and off the stage in neon leotards and all super toned, but then one lady walked on stage and made the whole conference go quiet… none of us had ever seen such a striking woman and it was all down to her posture! She was in her late 50’s, must have easily been a beautiful curvaceous size 16 but she oozed confidence from every pore and every movement she took from walking onto the stage to being seated was like watching a ballet. From that day on I have always taught my clients about posture – it not only makes us look taller, slimmer and instantly more elegant and but also shouts out that we have more confidence than Madonna (who incidentally always has amazing posture). Try these easy tricks and feel yourself become instantly taller and slimmer!

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