How To Declutter Your Loft

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  • Master Declutterer, Vicky Silverthorn, reveals her tips for a tidy loft, fast!

    Want to tackle your loft but don’t know where to start? It’s nearly time for that spring clean! Since Christmas and the Boxing Day sales you’ve probably gained a little more clutter around the house, so take the time to delve through your possessions and deem what’s worthy of keeping. It’s a great way to determine whether you really need that new handbag or that cushion for your sofa.

    There’s nothing better or more satisfying than the feeling of decluttering your house to reveal an organised and mess-free home. But unfortunately the task of cleaning out our homes can feel so daunting, that many of us don’t know where to start! If the thought of decluttering your belongings fills you with dread, then don’t fret. We’ve got the easy cleaning tips that will make your home clutter-free and spotless in no time.

    The trick to a good clear out is being organised. Set aside some time and give yourself all the aides you need – whether that’s enlisting the help of a good friend, making sure you have enough garbage bags for any throwaways or even putting that bottle of wine in the fridge as your reward for a job well done!

    These cleaning tips will help you get organised and make the most out of your time. From choosing whether you should bin it or keep it to clever storage solutions, don’t start decluttering until you’ve read these top tips.

    Then, set aside some time (be realistic about how much time you’ll actually want to spend on cleaning) to go through your house and get rid of those items that you definitely don’t need. If your motivation starts to dwindle, just remember how great it’s going to feel when you’ve finished! There’s always that bottle of wine in the fridge to look forwards to…

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