Zara's printed shirt dress is the must-have look for summer and shoppers are obsessed!

Zara's printed shirt dress is the new summer essential as fans become obsessed with this stunning dress that available in multiple colors

Zara's printed shirt dress
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Zara's printed shirt dress is the must-have dress of the summer that shoppers are obsessed with because of its flattering style and its bargain price point.

For shoppers who are keen to find the best summer dresses of 2022, look no further! Zara's printed shirt dress has become the must-have look of the summer as shoppers are loving this mini dress from Zara that costs less than £35 ($42) and seems to be everywhere at the moment. 

This is definitely the new white and black polka dot dress from Zara, which was the most popular £39.99 Zara dress that everyone was talking about in 2019 - except this dress is cheaper!

The Zara dress of summer 2022 is available in pink, khaki, and forest green and features a short silhouette with a cinched-in tie belt. The patterned mini dress has long blouson sleeves, a button-up blouse style top, and a flared skater style skirt. Its popularity is probably due to its versatility as it is perfect for indoor events, outdoor events, weddings, races, sports events, birthdays, dinners, even work, really any event that you can think of during the summer months. 

The dress is being widely adored by fans and some have noticed that it has been seen on a LOT of people this summer. Particularly when it came to large-scale outdoor events where the long sleeves are perfect for the unpredictable British weather.

One TikTok user documented their time at the York Races and recorded the staggering number of women who could be seen in the green and pink version of this fantastic dress. The video showed that this truly is the perfect summer dress and is already a huge hit with women across the UK.


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For some the popularity of the dress is a deterrent, but for others the popularity is just a reminder that it truly is the most on-trend look of the moment.

If you want to purchase this dress online but you're not sure what size to go for, there is a viral Zara sizing hack that will help you find the perfect fit. There is also a  viral Zara website hack that can help you navigate the online site which is known to be notoriously difficult and tricky for shoppers to use.

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