Sarah Jessica Parker sported her fave crossbody bag again and we’re obsessed with the trendy style

If we trust anyone on what bags we should be using, it's certainly SJP

sjp on the empire state building
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Sarah Jessica Parker just sported her favorite crossbody bag while walking through JFK airport, and we found some inexpensive dupes that are just as stylish.

Not only is Carrie Bradshaw an undeniable fashion icon, but Sarah Jessica Parker (who plays Carrie Bradshaw, ICYMI), is just as fashion forward, sporting looks just as enviable as Carrie's.

Recently, while walking through the JFK airport in New York City, SJP, wore a super casual chic outfit that is perfect for traveling, and we're trying to recreate the look immediately.

One thing that Carrie Bradshaw and Sarah Jessica do not have in common is that, while Carrie refuses to outfit repeat, SJP has no issue with it. In fact, in the outfit she just sported while walking through the airport, she's wearing a green crossbody bag that she's worn multiple times recently. 

Not only was SJP sporting this super casual and cute green crossbody, but the rest of her outfit was pretty cute too - not to mention that it is certainly can very easily be recreated.

On top, the actress wore a plain white, oversized button down shirt, as well as a grey cardigan on top and an oversized darker grey hoodie. For bottoms, she stuck with a basic pair of rolled up grey sweatpants, as well as some tan slouchy boots (a far cry from her sparkly cowboy boots), keeping comfort in mind on her journey.

She wore her Carrie Bradshaw curly hair down, and also chicly wore a pair of oversized black sunnies, truly giving hangover chic vibes while strutting through JFK.

How to Get SJP's Airport Look

If you want to recreate SJP's airport look, you're in luck, seeing as most of the items she's sporting are probably items you already own. 

The most essential piece, and the one you're least likely to have, is her green crossbody - but don't worry, we've found a few dupes that will give you those same casual traveler vibes that SJP so effortlessly nails.

L.L.Bean Waxed Canvas Crossbody, $99 (£77) | L.L. Bean

L.L.Bean Waxed Canvas Crossbody, $99 (£77) | L.L. Bean

Expertly crafted in rugged, weather-resistant waxed canvas, this crossbody bag is the perfect combination of heritage style and modern features, making it versatile and cute for on-the-go occasions.

Rain Recycled Canvas Crossbody, $60 (£46) | Nordstrom

Rain Recycled Canvas Crossbody, $60 (£46) | Nordstrom

A sleek and stylish canvas crossbody is made from recycled materials and sized for the essentials with a dual-compartment design providing easy organization - perfect for traveling and keeping your outfit chic.

HIGH COAST CROSSBODY in Patina Green, $50 (£39) | Fjallraven

HIGH COAST CROSSBODY in Patina Green, $50 (£39) | Fjallraven

This crossbody bag is perfect for traveling or for a quick dash into the city - or, if you're like SJP, perhaps both at once.

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