Kate Middleton's puffer jacket is the perfect cozy cover-up and on sale now for under $65!

Kate Middleton's puffer jacket is lightweight yet super cozy cover-up and the must-have style update that traverses seasons

Kate Middleton's puffer jacket could be your must-have wardrobe piece
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Kate Middleton's puffer jacket is on sale now! As someone that needs a wardrobe ready for all kinds of events, from glam to outdoorsy and everything in between, that often means a drastic shift in the Duchess' wardrobe. This jacket is a prime example of her ability to stay fab in all environments!

Kate Middleton wowed fans when she rocked a gorgeous puffer jacket—which also just so happens to have a discount in the end-of-season sales!

The Duchess of Cambridge stepped out earlier this year to join the RAF Cadets at the Windermere Adventure Training Center in Cumbria for an exciting day of fun activities and good old-fashioned banter—much to the delight of royal fans. 

The appearance, which aimed to highlight the importance of outdoor time for young people, marked one of Kate’s first public engagements since returning to work after a long summer break with Prince William and their three children. 


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Quilted Jacket, Was $67.49, Now $64.99 (Was £67.18, Now £50.99) | Seeland Hawker

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It looks like Kate Middleton’s styling tips have remained just as valuable as ever. The Duchess has always had a reputation for nailing the dress code, seemingly never failing to impress fans with her impeccable taste. 

Just a week before her puffer coat went viral, Kate Middleton stunned in a Reiss blazer and navy trousers for her visit to an RAF station—achieving the perfect medium between business and casual for the semi-formal occasion. 

She embraced this effortless style yet again, in her visit to the RAF Cadets, showing up at the adventure center in an appropriate outfit for a day of nature activities. (If you were hoping for something a little more glamorous, check out our deep-dive into Kate Middleton's dresses for inspiration). 

The Duchess decided to ditch her elegant coats and smart blazers, opting for a pine green puffer jacket to keep warm during the outdoorsy event. She teamed the quilted outerwear with a pair of black skinny jeans, sensible combat boots, and a crew-neck cream sweater—and of course, her beloved sapphire engagement ring. She also tied back that signature Kate Middleton bouncy hair into a ponytail to fit her head snugly into the helmets needed for the afternoon’s activities. 


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Never one to shy away from a challenge, the Duchess got stuck right in and bravely abseiled down the drop at the Cathedral Quarry. She also joined the Cadets for a bike ride on the Lake District’s gorgeous trails, before settling down with the youths for a well-deserved cup of tea and a chat. 

“I found out this morning we would be meeting her and it was a total shock. I was just like ‘wow’,” 14-year-old Abby Armstrong told the Independent. “She was very nice and not what I was expecting, she was more down to earth.” 


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Kate also encouraged Cadet Odibe, 13, to try the abseiling, promising to meet him at the base. “She was about to abseil and I was next in line so she asked me if I wanted to go before her. I was a bit scared so I said no,” he revealed. “She said if I did she would meet me down there.” 

Even though Odibe chose not to go through with it in the end, he appreciated the Duchess’s support during the daunting moment. 

“I think she was very kind,” he added. “Even though she is a royal highness she still does things normal humans do.”

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