Best-selling brush brand Zoeva launches foundation in a game-changing 44 shades

There are plenty of great foundations on the market, but very few that cater for all skin tones.

That’s why when we heard Zoeva’s new Authentik Skin Natural Luminous Foundation was available in 44 inclusive shades, we got our debit cards at the ready.

Not only does the shade range cater for everyone – from porcelain to deep complexions - but they’ve been formulated with warm, cool or neutral undertones to guarantee a really natural look with no chance of an ashy or orange finish.

Far from a marketing ploy or gimmick, Zoeva founder and CEO Zoe Boikou is passionate about ensuring every woman has a foundation in her make-up bag that makes her feel amazing - enhancing natural beauty instead of masking it.

‘I’ve always believed that your best self is your authentic self,’ Zoe explains. ‘That’s why I designed our foundation not to hide, but to illuminate and celebrate your uniquely beautiful skin.’

Reflecting that, each foundation has been given a name as well as a number (brave, confident and loveable are some of our favourites) with the aim of not only making it easier to remember your shade, but give you a little empowering pick-me-up too.

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Impressive shade range aside, the formulation itself is brilliant. Silky smooth, it glides on easily for a medium coverage (just enough to blur any imperfections but light enough to feel comfortable for all-day wear) but builds easily if it’s a more full-on finish you favour. It’s enriched with rose hip oil too (one of Zoe’s mum’s favourite scents – the whole range is dedicated to and inspired by her) a skincare favourite known for its nourishing properties.

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Best applied with the brushes that put Zoeva on the beauty map (Zoe first started the brand from her living room, selling her brushes on eBay) we’d recommend using the 104 buffer brush. With tightly packed bristles made from super-soft vegan synthetic hair, the foundation stays on the very tips of the brush, meaning minimal product is wasted.

If you want to go the extra mile with your application, make-up artist Lisa Potter-Dixon suggests using an eyeshadow brush to bring the foundation right up to and around the eyes.

Because the skin is 40 per cent thinner here, the smaller brush means a more targeted application, hiding dark circles without any tell-tale caking.