This website matches your favourite foundation to brand new ones

This is going to save us so much time!

Buying foundation is similar to shopping for jeans. It’s difficult, tiresome and often disastrous but once you find the pair/shade that perfectly suits you, you’ll wear it forever.

Does that mean we’re stuck using the exact same Bobbi Brown foundation in 06 for the rest of time? Not if have anything to do with it.

Our newest obsession, Findation, is a very clever, yet very simple website that will match you to thousands of foundation shades based on the one you already wear.

It’s quick and easy to use. Firstly, enter the shade of foundation that you wear – Findation has hundreds of brands available so most likely they will have it! For the very best results, enter another foundation shade that you have used before too and also like (this isn’t completely necessary so if you don’t have one then don’t worry).

Then, watch as Findation calculates which other shades will work for you!

For instance, if you use Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF10 in Tawny you will be matched to over sixty new foundations that will mimic the shade of your original fave! Discontinued foundations are also in the database so if you’re still mourning a particular favourite formula this tool could help you find a good replacement.

One of the best features of the site is that it also gives you the option to buy all of the alternative foundations it has suggested at various different online outlets, so it’s a very convenient shopping experience too. You have to click through to a second page to see the prices of each product, which is slightly annoying, but still 500% better than visiting all the beauty counters at John Lewis one by one.

So if you’re bored with your foundation, or want something more affordable, then Findation might be exactly what you need… Perhaps your skin has changed recently or become dryer and you want to find something better formulated for it (in that event you may also be interested in our guide to the best foundations for dry skin too).

Match your favourite shade to countless other brands in seconds, without the hassle of moving anywhere – it’s like having a professional make-up artist and personal beauty shopper at your fingertips!

Whatever type of foundation you want – dewy, matte, full coverage or natural looking – Findation will find lots of options in your perfect shade.

Findation is a global project that launched in 2012. It’s based in Australia, but it has creating the world’s largest usable database of matching foundation colours, so whether you live in Brisbane, Bristol, Berlin or Boston, you’ll find a new ideal foundation match for you. So no more trawling the high street covered in mismatched foundation smears. Hurrah!