These bestselling fragrances are in the sale – and perfect for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is a great day to celebrate all kinds of love – from friendship to a romantic relationship. Whether you're buying for a friend, lover, or treating yourself, these stunning perfumes will be a gift that keeps on giving...
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  • Love might be in the air but before you dash off to buy chocolate and roses, check out these unique Valentine's Day fragrances from your favourite brands, with some at heavily discounted prices.

    Someone’s chosen fragrance not only reveals a lot about their personality (are they more dark wood, or floral?) but it can also influence the way we feel about them in the long-term too.

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    Everyone knows that you’re more likely to find someone attractive if they smell great, but now there’s now a proven link between how someone smells and how we remember them. Scientists from the University of Toronto have used this new discovery to explain how certain smells will recall particular memories of places and people. So if you want to be in a loved one’s thoughts for a while, why not find the perfect perfume for them?

    These are the best fragrances for your loved one this Valentine’s Day…