How to get four different Chanel fragrances for just £65!

When it comes to creating covetable beauty products, nobody can touch Chanel. You only have to look at these newly-launched Chance perfume pencils to see what I mean.

It’s not just about those interlocking Cs (as deliciously chic as they make everything look) This is a brand that excels at disrupting the industry with beautiful, useful new ways to make ourselves feel amazing, and the just-launched Chance Perfume Pencils are a very fine example of that.

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Firstly, let’s state the obvious: Aren’t they gorgeous? If there’s one thing as universally irresistible as Chanel perfume, it’s beautiful stationary and these tick both boxes. Each of the chunky pastel crayons contains a unique Chanel Chance fragrance in smooth balm form to be scribbled onto skin. The collection includes the original Chance fragrance, then Eau Fraîche, Eau Tendre and Eau Vive versions. We need to talk about that box, too. So pleasing. Like a perfect little trinket holder from a perfect little Parisian boutique. Don’t let that go anywhere near your recycling bin.

As I said, Chanel is loved by beauty insiders because it excels at both form and function. Pretty as the Chance Perfume Pencils may be, they also make perfect sense practically-speaking. Firstly they are ultra portable, they’ll never be at risk of smashing or spilling in your handbag and will happily slip into any evening clutch. The fragrances' liquidless form is a gift for travelling with, especially if you're fond of a city break and can be topped up as and when you like without worrying about spritzing fellow commuters or the next table in a restaurant. Lastly, and not insignificantly, you’re getting four Chanel perfumes for £65 here. I’m sure you can do the sums and see what a sterling deal that is.

Feeling covetous? Who wouldn't be. The Chance Perfume Pencils are limited edition for spring-summer 2020 and - I expect -won’t last long, so if I were you I’d get shopping and scribbling tout suite.