9 makeup storage ideas that’ll help keep your dressing table free from clutter

Wave goodbye to mess.
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  • We know what it's like - one day, you blink, and all of a sudden, you've got ten different (yet very similar) lipstick shades, about a dozen eyeshadow palettes, and more mascara tubes than you can count.

    It’s not that you don’t use, or won’t, use, all of the different items you’ve got laid out on your dressing table and in bathroom drawers. It’s just that we like to have different products on hand for different occasions – a deep red lippie for date night, and a sensible, subtle pink lip gloss for work.

    Plus, who doesn’t love trying out new beauty bits?

    But of course, owning all of this make-up and skincare can mean an overflow of ‘stuff’ in our lives, and no logical place to put it all. Scattered across the dressing table? Messy. Shoved in drawers? Impossible to find anything!

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    That’s where makeup storage comes in. Almost everywhere you look nowadays, retailers are selling handy solutions to our make-up surplus problems – and the storage is getting prettier by the day.

    And now is the perfect time to get organised – with lockdown, we’ve all got a little bit of spare time, so why not use it to get your makeup in tip-top shape?

    So what are the best makeup storage solutions you can buy to store your beauty bits in, to create more space and streamline your morning beauty routine?

    Makeup storage to help you get organised

    John Lewis & Partners iDesign Plastic Storage Chest, £17.99

    This very chic, clear storage chest is perfect for make up and any hair accessories you have lying around, but want to get organised.

    It’s very neutral so will fit it with just about any decor, and is small enough to fit on even the most cramped dressing table!

    Plus, it’s perfect for stacking, so treat yourself to one, two, three….


    Wayfair Makeup Organiser Jewellery Box, £43.99

    makeup storage ideas

    Now this is serious makeup storage! This £44 option from Wayfair has eight drawers and various dividers on top, so there’s certainly no lack of space to put all your favourite bits in.

    Another see-through choice, with this organiser it’d be ease to locate whatever items you need whilst getting ready.

    The two bottom drawers are slightly larger for bigger items, while the rest while easily slot in your lip glosses, lipsticks, mascaras, and the like.


    John Lewis & Partners Organiser Drawers, £30

    This pretty and unique storage box has two wide compartments on the top level, and three small compartments below.

    And we love the multi-coloured effect, which adds a bit of fun to your make-up organisation!


    Muji Acrylic Boxes, from £12.95

    There’s a reason that these clear acrylic boxes from Muji are a makeup storage classic – functional, and inexpensive, they also allow you to display your make-up with pride!

    The see-through boxes mean you can see exactly what’s inside, and with the slightly more expensive option (£29.95), there are five drawers, so you can even organise it depending on product, if you wish.

    The easy to care for material also means these Muji boxes are super easy to clean and maintain – and who doesn’t want that?

    And, if you decide you no longer need to the make-up storage, they can be easily transformed to hold anything else you need to store – from jewellery to paperwork.


    Amara Modern Metal Vanity Organiser, £48

    makeup storage ideas

    If you’re looking for something a little more luxe, this pick from Anthropologie’s home store, Amara, is a gorgeous option.

    With three large dividers ideal for makeup brushes, and stylish brass edges, this would look lovely sat in your bedroom, dressing room or bathroom. There are also smaller dividers at the front, too, ideal for slotting lipsticks in! Handily, there’s also a little dish built in too, for any hair supplies such as clips and bands.


    Next Vanity Box, £45

    For those of us who love some rose gold in our homes, this Next mirrored makeup storage box is ideal.

    It’s a little on the smaller side, but it’s great for storing both jewellery, make-up and make-up brushes, with a specific slot on the side for taller, thinner items such as your brushes, hand lotions, or perfumes.

    It’s got one larger drawer on the bottom for bigger items, and two smaller ones for smaller items, such as concealers, blush or bronzer.

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    And, like the above organiser, if you decide you no longer want it for make-up storage, it would work brilliantly as a pretty jewellery box.


    Oliver Bonas Marble brush holder, £24

    Display your brushes in style with this totally on-trend brush holder from Oliver Bonas. Having a specific storage solution for your make-up brushes saves them from being dirtied by your make-up in the bag, and allows you to pick whichever one you’re after much more easily.

    The marble bottom to this elegant holder also means this make-up storage solution won’t look out of place in the chicest room in your house – especially if you’re a fan of marble decor in general.


    Net-a-Porter cosmetics case, £20

    This pretty enormous case is minimalist and chic, and as a bonus, is made of vegan faux leather, if you’re trying to cut back on your use of animal products.

    The clear casing means you’ll be able to see all of your go-to products easily, picking out which one you want without a problem – without them being sprawled all over your dressing table or bedroom floor.

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    One big perk of this Net-a-Porter case is that it’s easily transportable – simply zip it up and bring it along with you! Travelling storage is a fabulous time-saver, after all.


    Amazon Storage Basket, £11.99

    For a super affordable option, there’s this pretty white wicker basket is on sale at Amazon. With five handy slots there’s plenty of room, and the lack of drawers means you can slot in some bigger items too.

    The product has already got plenty of five star reviews on the website, with one writing, “Very sturdy, clean design. Works very well to organise makeup brushes and smaller bottles of toner, lotion, make-up products.”


    So which one have you decided on?

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