Vegan Beauty: Cruelty Free Makeup

If you're in the midst of becoming a vegan, or just against testing on animals then you might want to check out these miraculous beauty buys.

Are you a vegan? No, but are you really? Before proclaiming yourself a fully fledged advocate, the dreaded beauty swap has to be done. Brimming with chemicals, and not always cruelty free the mainstream beauty market is sadly not often vegan friendly. But this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an amazing new find. Even if you haven’t made the conversion from mere mortal to vegan but can’t stand the idea of testing on animals, then these are the products for you.

After all, being a vegan is challenging at the best of times, but having to overhaul your bathroom cupboard can be far more traumatising than throwing out the full fat milk, or even parting with your daily fix of chocolate. No. What’s really terrible is having to throw away your beloved beauty buys. But believe it or not, the dreaded clear out doesn’t have to be as terrible as it seems.

With so many people converting to veganism, the vegan beauty market is rapidly expanding. Rewind to this time last year and you probably couldn’t even find a toothpaste, let alone the genius product pictured above, which is guaranteed to give you a gorgeous dewy glow AND protect your skin against free radicals. So actually, you can still be beautiful and completely guilt free with these amazing little finds.

Vegans and non vegans alike will be lusting after the

Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil by Juno. Packed with antioxidants and superfood seed oils this miraculous face oil will bring a boost of radiance to the skin. Vitamins A and C help to brighten and increase collagen, while anitoxidants drive away damage caused by pollution. The result? An envious glow, super healthy skin, and not a chemical in sight. See, amazing vegan beauty products really do exist.

Flick through our gallery for more groundbreaking treats, plus our favourite make-up brands which don’t test on animals.

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