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How To Apply Foundation Like A Professional

We all want flawless, glowing skin, right? It’s the key to looking fresh-faced and youthful. Evening out skin tone, hiding
blemishes, brightening… the benefits of foundation are numerous, so learning how to apply it like a pro can be
a huge asset for your skincare repertoire. You can see why foundation is one of the most important items in most women’s makeup bag! And the secret to achieving that clear,
luminous base? Start with a primer. It’s great for creating a smooth,
even surface for your foundation to cling to, plus it can fill lines, pores
and make skin look plumper.

How to find your perfect foundation match

The next step is to choose the right
shade. The mark of a great foundation is that it leaves no mark – you
shouldn’t be able to tell it’s there. The best place to test different shades is along your jawline (not your hand). This will enable you to find an exact match to your natural colouring. Also if you’re shopping in a department store the lighting can be deceiving; don’t be afraid to ask the sales assistant if you can take a mirror outside to double check the shade, they will have a hand held one stashed behind the counter.

The best foundations for your skin type

There’s no one-size fits all solution for foundation, you have to pay attention to your skin type. Is it dry and in need of hydration? Oily and calling out to be mattified? Or a more complex combination? Do you have darker skin? Prefer a powder to a liquid foundation? There’s plenty to consider when you’re buying a base product, including the fact that your skin can also be affected by seasons and environment, so you may need to switch up your foundation occasionally to reflect that. Luckily makeup technology is constantly being updated, meaning there are options for flawless skin, whatever your type and tone.

The best foundation tools

Whether you prefer to use brushes,
sponges or fingers to apply foundation is completely up to you, but there are a few
things to consider if you want a truly seamless finish. Start by applying it thin layers from the
centre of the face, working outwards. Concentrate on the areas around the nose,
the mouth, the chin and the centre of the forehead and blend out towards your hairline and jaw so it thins out as you go, meaning you’re not left with a cakey orange hairline.

The one that sells every 3 seconds…

We first noticed the Makeup Drop back in January, when Natalie Portman’s make-up artist Pati Dubroff shared a photograph on Instagram backstage at the SAGS. A short google later, we found out that this tear-shaped tool is a cult beauty buy in the States with one selling every 3 seconds! We searched and searched but couldn’t lay our hands on one. However, it would seem our beauty prayers have been answered, as today, it goes on sale for the very first time in the UK.

Crafted from silicone it boasts a wash and go ethos no brush or sponge can compete with. Not only is it easy to clean, it doesn’t soak up 60% of your foundation before it reaches your face. Besides foundation, it can blend highlighter, concealer and even blush, saving you time and money!

Buy now at for £14

The one for a dewy finish… Sponges have made a comeback, reinvented as “blenders” in conical shapes and clever materials that won’t drink your make-up. Dampen to make a drop of foundation go far, bounce on for a sheer wash of pigment and a perky glow.

Our Tester said: “So easy it’s borderline fun! the pointy angles get into every nook and cranny and I don’t have to worry about tidemarks or streaks.”

Keep an eye out for Givenchy’s new Makeup Blender, £13, which will be available from March.

The one for polished perfection… The firmer the bristles, the fuller the finish, so pick a flat-topped brush if you have oily skin or like your coverage on the muscular side. a new subspecies has little wells to perfectly ration out foundation.

Our Tester said: “This is sleek, weighty and easy to control. I had to work a little to blend my high-coverage base but the polished result is so worth it.”

Buy Y Brush now at for £33.50

The one for a lighter touch… If full-on foundation isn’t your thing, pick a domed brush. They partner well with BB creams as the tapered top spreads product quickly, while the fat base massages everything to a natural finish.

Our Tester said: “A fatter brush than I’m used to, this felt strokably soft and blended my tinted moisturiser with minimal effort.”

MultiTech Point XL coming soon at for £18

The one for airbrushed effect… Do we really need a gadget to apply foundation? The short answer is no, but you might want one once you see what they can do! Sonic vibrations are the business at laying down makeup evenly and smoothly.

Our Tester said: “I was sceptical but have been totally converted! It took 30 seconds to cover my whole face, flawlessly.”

Pro Foundation Applicator, Color Me

Buy now at Selfridges for £58

Further tips for truly flawless foundation

If you have problem areas that need extra coverage, spots, dark circles or
redness, use apply a concealer first to give your foundation a more even finish. And finally lightly dust a powder foundation across your nose, temples and chin to reduce shine and lock your coverage in place – but don’t overdo it or you’ll erase your new youthful glow. Rather than packing on the powder, carry
blotting papers to deal with any oils that creep up during the day.

Follow the pros’ advice and your skin will be glowing agelessly in no time at all.

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