The £38 no-fuss product that gives my dull hair a healthy shine in a matter of minutes

Achieving healthy strands can be a long road, but when I *need* my hair to look fresh and shiny, this is the treatment I add to my routine...

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As someone who battles with dry and broken strands - likely thanks to my chosen hair colour and penchant for '90s-eqsue blowouts - this R+Co mask is my secret weapon against brittle and lacklustre hair...

Alas, achieving healthy strands - and thus shiny hair - doesn't happen overnight, especially when you dye and heat-style your hair. However, there are a few products out there that can not only nourish and condition your locks but also deliver an instant pick-me-up, both in feel and look. The best conditioners for fine hair (or whatever your hair type) for instance, can be game-changes but for me, there is one product that has proven indispensable and is one of the best hair masks I've ever used.

So, if you're looking for a new, low-maintenance treatment that can help revive tangled and dehydrated hair, whilst leaving behind a reflective shine - here's why the R+Co Television Perfect Hair Masque is my current go-to...

Why the R+Co Television Perfect Hair Masque is my fave for fast, silky shine

Like most, I'm on a constant mission to maintain a healthy sheen to my hair. And while I try to avoid the common shiny hair mistakes (per to the pros) where I can, as someone who gets their hair lightened and uses one of the best hair dryer brushes frequently, I can often fall short - which is where the R+Co Television Perfect Hair Masque enters the equation...

Why the R+Co Television mask is worth the spend

Unlike some hair masks, which need to be applied to towel-dried hair and left for upwards of 10 minutes before then being rinsed off - meaning you're jumping in and out of the shower or standing around getting cold - R+Co's is refreshingly straightforward. Post shampooing, you simply apply it through your lengths and leave it to get to work for just two to five minutes (under 10 minutes is a godsend for both my patience and water bill), whilst you continue showering, then rinse.

The hydrating formula is designed for all hair types but is especially beneficial for those with dry and over-processed locks. It features Snow Mushroom Extract and Murumuru butter, to lock in moisture and deeply hydrate, as well as a blend of coconut oil, Pequi oil and olive oil to soften, condition and form a protective barrier around the hair - all of which deliver just that.

In my experience, from the moment I wash it from my hair, my strands feel instantly silkier and detangled, a texture that endures through drying and styling my hair - and don't get me started on the shine.

R+Co Television mask before and after

Three pictures of Beauty Writer, Naomi Jamieson's hair from the back - to demonstrate the before and after effects of using the R+CO Television Perfect Hair Masque, on the left is her hair looking dry and lacklustre, in the middle, freshly washed with the R+co mask and finally a picture taken with flash to show the finished, shiny results/ in a pink template

On the left is Naomi's hair before the R+Co Television Perfect Mask, in the middle, straight after using the mask and styling and finally on the right, a picture taken with flash to show the shiny finish.

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For those who need to see to believe, on the left is my hair pre-mask, debuting the dreaded combination of greasy at the root, brittle and dry at the ends. The middle is then my hair freshly washed - with shampoo and treated with the Television Perfect mask - and styled. Instantly you can see how much healthier and smooth my hair looks. And on the right (because it's 'spring' in the UK, aka rainy and miserable), a picture with flash, to really show the shine in all it's glory.

After just five minutes, my hair was transformed from tangled and messy to smooth and radiant, a finish that will now last through many a re-styling. All in all, this mask delivers exactly what it promises, so if you're looking for one easy addition to your haircare routine, that conditions, detangles and boost shines, here it is.

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