White Lotus' Meghann Fahy used Meghan Markle's favorite high-end foundation to get red carpet ready

White Lotus' Meghann Fahy used Meghan Markle's go-to luxe foundation for her red carpet look at the SAG awards

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White Lotus' Meghann Fahy has been in the limelight a lot these days, so it's no wonder she'd want to use a tried and true, high-end foundation to ensure her skin looks perfect. Turns out, it's a foundation that another famous Meghan swears by too. 

We image the pressure of getting for a red carpet event is insurmountable - so having products that you know are going to do the job and do it well is crucial for any big night. For the 2023 SAG Awards, Meghann Fahy came prepared, and looked absolutely gorgeous when she arrived with her fellow White Lotus co-star, Theo James. Her look, consisting of a super-sleek Ralph Lauren white dress that exuded major Marilyn Monroe energy, was perfect - and her neutral glam makeup really helped pull the whole look together. 

In fact, her skin looked so good that we started investigating what products she could have used to achieve her glass skin. Turns out, Meghann's makeup artist Emily Cheng was responsible for the makeup look, and broke down a comprehensive list of every product she used on her face. 

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The makeup look was all Armani, says Emily. Starting with the base, she used the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, which is widely beloved by celebrities and everyday makeup users alike. Even Meghan Markle has been known to be a fan of this $69 high-end foundation, and for good reason - it promises coverage that blurs imperfections, but doesn't look cakey. She also wore the Armani Luminous Glow Silk Setting Powder to ensure her makeup stayed put all evening.

For lips, Emily went for a blushy nude that wouldn't distract too much from the simplicity of her dress. She mixed the Armani shades 200 (a shade that is consistently sold out everywhere for its universal popularity) and 102 in their Lip Power Longwear Satin Lipstick. 

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Emily also notes that she uses false lashes on Meghann from the brand Lashify - and they look really natural. She used a lash map (the order of lash sizes from inner corner to outer corner) of C8, C8, C10, C10, and C10 to create the perfect, doe-eyed look for her SAG Awards look. 

At the 2023 SAG Awards, the White Lotus season 2 cast won the best Drama Series Ensemble award, and Jennifer Coolidge took home the trophy for Best Female Actor in a Drama Series. 

When picked a gown and getting dressed for award shows, Meghann told Vogue that her main priority is comfort. "Comfort really is my priority," she said. "I don't have much tolerance for being uncomfortable. Beyond that, I’m pretty basic—I like classic colors and shapes."

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