The UK’s most Googled beauty question is about hair, have you wondered this too?

195,000 people have!
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  • Picture the scene: You’re sitting on the sofa of an evening, lost in your thoughts when a burning beauty question pops into your mind. What’s the first thing you do?

    If the answer is pick up your smartphone or tablet and search online, you’re not alone. In the last year there were over 3.3 million beauty-related Google searches across Europe. Now, has analysed the data to find the top beauty questions in every country, and the results might surprise you.

    In the United Kingdom the number one question with 195,700 searches was “What is hair toner?” followed by “How to curl hair with straighteners” with 107,500 searches and “What is microblading?” with 96,600.

    Clearly, us Brits are as obsessed with hair as ever, and our European neighbours are no different, with “What hair colour is best for me?” the top search in Germany, “How to grow your hair” in Italy and “What is balayage hair” in Greece.

    As well as hair toners, straighteners and microblading (which you can read our review of as well as other ‘tweakments’ worth knowing here) The full list of Britain’s most Googled beauty questions in the UK is:

    1. What is hair toner

    2. How to curl hair with straighteners

    3. What is microblading

    4. How to cut your own hair

    5. How to contour

    6. What are HD brows

    7. How to apply eyeshadow

    8. How to get hair dye off skin

    9. How to grow your hair

    10. How to curl hair

    If you happen to be one of the 200k people who’re confused about hair toners, allow me to explain.

    What is hair toner?

    These are semi-permanent hair colour treatments that don’t change the hair’s shade, simply its tone. If you get your hair dyed at a salon then you may have had one without realising. Often these are offered in salons as an extra at the backwash, and most commonly are used to bring down yellowness and add icy tones to blonde or highlighted hair, give extra vibrancy to redheads or add depth and shine to brunette hair.

    Savvy brands also offer colour-toning products to use at home and keep your colour looking great between salon visits.

    I love new Living Proof Colour Care Whipped Glaze which applies like a mousse and deposits small amounts of lilac pigment to stop my highlighted hair from yellowing and add shine.

    hair toner by living proof

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    New L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert PowerMix Shots come in a variety of toning shades including copper and red, Mix one into your favourite conditioning hair mask to enjoy weekly nourishing hair toner treatments for the next 12 months.

    hair toner by l'oreal

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    So now you know the answer to ‘what is hair toner’, next time you’re sitting on the sofa pondering beauty, you’ll have one less burning question to Google…

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