Customers rave about ‘miracle’ £13 shampoo that reduces hair loss for ‘fuller and thicker’ locks

‘Brilliant! I will be ordering more!!’

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Hair loss is something that affects many of us at some point in life. Even if we're religious about using the best hairdryer and heat protector every time we style, it's an inevitable part of the aging process that hair will get thinner. 

Many of us experience thinning hair due to hormones or the natural ageing of our locks, as the hair follicle gets smaller each time it goes through a cycle, meaning a smaller hair shaft – i.e. thinner hair.

But luckily all hopes for a healthy mane are not lost as there are always products popping that claim to help reduce hair loss and strengthen locks.

And the latest one we’ve encountered comes complete with a whole army of hundreds of fans behind it.

Customers have been raving about Watermans GrowMe shampoo for hair growth.

The sulphate free shampoo, which is a number one best seller on Amazon for men’s and women’s hair loss products, uses biotin to strengthen hair, as the vitamin improves the condition of the protein keratin that makes up your hair lengths.

It also uses caffeine, which is known to promote hair growth, while the product’s argan oil nourishes locks and leaves them healthy and shiny.

Customers can also get hold of a matching conditioner which encourages the same effects using caffeine, rosemary, which prevents hair loss but stimulating blood circulation, and cholesterol that nourishes locks with its high fat content.

watermans hair growth shampoo conditioner amazon bestseller

Amazon even sells a set where customers can get both products for just £25 and fans have gone wild for it.

The set has been met with hundreds of five-star reviews with customers backing up its ‘miracle’ benefits.

‘My miracle shampoo, I love it!!’ wrote one fan.

‘My hair has been falling out for years.’

‘All in all this has been by far the best treatment. My hair is much fuller and thicker looking. I love the smell of it and my hair has grown longer lenth wise too. I have even found my scalp condition has improved.100% worth the money and would recommend this shampoo to anybody who has hair loss problems.’

‘Hair has stopped falling out!’ wrote another.

‘I have had a problem with my hair thinning for the last few years due to menopause and that I have cutaneous lupus.’

‘Although I have upped my vitamin supplements, the only other thing that has changed is using this shampoo and conditioner. Also, my hair does feel softer so the conditioner is doing it’s job.’

‘Stopped hair fall,’ added another. ‘Amazing’.

‘I’ve tried so many shampoos and conditioners for hair fall and I’ve been waited for result long long time but my hair falling never stopped but I’m really happy to giving you 5* * * * * because after 2 times using my hair fall stopped and feel more healthier.’

‘Brilliant! Love it!’ agreed another fan.

‘I’ve been using very expensive shampoo with no harmful ingredients in them like parabens and sulphate, harmful chemicals etc, and paying through the nose for them.

‘I think this shamoo is reasonably priced. And Fantastic! I could feel the difference straight away! I love the smell, and I actually like it more then the more expense products I’ve been using. I’ve also been getting complement on how good my hair smells and how soft it feels 😁

‘Brilliant! I will be ordering more!!’

Aleesha Badkar
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