This TikTok concealer hack to give you a 'face lift' in seconds has gone viral

This TikTok concealer hack will change the way you do your make-up

TikTok concealer hack - woman putting on concealer
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A TikTok concealer hack that's made us realise we've been doing our make-up wrong for years has gone viral, with the quick trick providing an instantly lifted look. 

TikTok has become a fountain of handy knowledge and "I never knew that" tips in recent years, providing some of the most genius hacks we never knew we needed when it comes to make-up, fashion and hair. 

Whether it's the Zara sizing hack that changed the game for shoppers, the trick for checking if jeans fit without even trying them on or the easy way of achieving waves like Kate Middleton's overnight, TikTok has taught us SO much. 

Now, we've discovered a new way to get the optimum power from the concealer stage of our make-up routines. 


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While you might have a make-up bag stashed with some of the best concealers and best drugstore concealers on the market, it turns out that the placement of the product makes a huge difference to how your face looks after application.

According to heaps of viral TikTok videos, applying just a few swipes of concealer in just the right places provides the look of an instant face lift.


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Instead of liberally slathering the product all over your under eyes and bringing it down onto your cheeks, the key is to apply it in the inner corner of your under eye, in an angled line from the outer corner of your eye, the outer fold of your nose and the corner of your lips. Then BLEND UP.


♬ original sound - Tori

Plenty of TikTok users have been raving about the clever trick in the comment section of the viral uploads, with plenty vowing to give it a go.

"Game changer," one commenter simply penned. 

"The moment you released you been doing make up wrong this whole time 😳," added another, while one more chipped in to add, "Can’t wait to try this!"

Caitlin Elliott