£25 anti-ageing décolletage cream sold at M&S is winning rave reviews

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  • The skin on our throats and necks age often seems to be ageing twice as fast as the rest of our bodies.

    And there’s good reason. The skin on these areas is much thinner than the skin elsewhere, meaning lines and wrinkles can often look more pronounced.

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    But it seems there is a product out there designed to help us out with the dreaded, so-called ‘turkey neck’ – and it’s been quietly lurking in one of our favourite high-street stores for years now.

    The PRAI Beauty AGELESS Throat and Décolletage Crème, which is sold in Marks & Spencer, has won rave reviews over the years, with M&S claiming that testers of the product saw visible results in only seven days.

    It claims to tackle the problem area, smoothing out “double chins, droopy jowls, and turkey neck” in a flash.

    Made with Sepilift DPHP technology to lift & tighten, hyaluronic acid – well known for its plumping properties – PRAI oil to improve elasticity, and natural extracts to help with age spots and discolouration, its chock full of things that can (hopefully) help slown down the ageing process on our delicate neck skin.

    And it seems that the product happily lives up to its impressive claims, with plenty of M&S customers revealing it actually ‘does work’.

    One wrote, ‘My neck felt smoother, the wrinkles and saggy neck seemed to vanish overnight. I’m not easily won over, but the results speak volumes’.

    And another happy shopper said, ‘I have been using it for a while now and the difference is truly amazing. It is now an integral part of my daily skin care routine, wouldn’t be without it!’

    While a third commented, ‘I can honestly say this cream is amazing and saw the results in just 1 week. So easy to glide on’, and a fourth said, ‘It really does smooth out any crepiness of the neck and leaves skin feeling ‘plumped’ up.’

    With all of the positive comments, it’s probably no surprise that the product is so popular, it actually sells every 60 seconds across the globe.

    Plus, it’s on sale for just £25, meaning this is an affordable treat you can easily justify…

    So what’s the best way to use the much-loved cream? PRAI advise that you apply it after cleansing in both the morning and evening, using gentle upward strokes, from your cleavage to chin.

    It should also be used after your preferred serum, as the final step in your beauty regime. You could opt for the serum version of the popular cream, the PRAI AGELESS Throat & Décolletage Serum – on sale for £30 at Marks & Spencer.

    So perhaps this is the solution to banishing that turkey neck for good? We guess we’ll just have to buy it and try for ourselves…!

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