Aldi are at it again with the perfume dupes and this time they're taking inspiration from Acqua di Parma

The latest perfume dupes from Aldi look remarkably familiar...

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Aldi perfumes are some of the cheapest money can buy. Notorious for offering designer-inspired scents for a fraction of the original cost, you can typically find fragrances for under a fiver, many of which are inspired by your favourite high-end fragrances.

If you're already familiar with Aldi scented candles and the budget beauty products to be found in the Specialbuys aisle, you will no doubt know about Aldi perfume dupes. Having previously released fragrances inspired by Jo Malone and Sol de Janeiro, the brand draws *heavy* inspiration from a range of iconic scents. The newest fragrance launch is a line of fragrances inspired by the iconic Acqua di Parma perfumes but at a fraction of the cost of the originals. So if you're looking for a scent for summer that you can throw in your handbag and spray with abandon, they could be perfect. 

Before we go into any more detail, we'd like to caveat that we'd always advise buying the real deal. The original Acqua di Parma perfumes are cult favourites in the beauty world for a reason: their luxurious, artisanal scents simply can't be replicated, so any perfumes 'inspired by' them won't be a match, in terms of quality. But if your budget doesn't stretch to investing in one of the best perfumes, these Aldi dupes could be the next best thing. 

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Set to hit shelves on August 17th, Aldi has created dupes of three iconic Acqua di Parma scents for under £5 each. While we haven't smelled them yet, the scents on offer sound pretty familiar. They are:

  • Lacura Essence of Italy Giallo Eau de Toilette (£4.99, 50ml), dupe for Acqua di Parma Colonia (£92, 50ml): A refreshing blend of citrus, bergamot, and ginger, complemented with hints neroli, cedar and myrtle, with patchouli, musk, and leather notes on the finish. 
  • Lacura Essence of Italy Indigo Eau de Toilette (£4.99, 50ml), dupe for Acqua di Parma Fico di Amalfi (£94, 75ml): This scent fuses fruity notes of orange, lemon, fig and grapefruit, with spicy hints of cedar, bergamot, jasmine, and pink pepper. 
  • Lacura’s Essence of Italy Nero Eau de Toilette (£4.99, 50ml), dupe for Acqua di Parma Oud (£219, 100ml):  An elegant scent with a blend of bergamot, sandalwood, and patchouli with agarwood, orange, and amyris notes.

These perfumes will only be available in stores across the UK while stocks last, and we can see them flying off the shelves before long. 

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Or, buy the real deal...

perfumes with patchouli

Acqua di Parma Colonia Eau de Cologne Spray, 50ml | RRP: £92

Although we love a dupe, if you can afford to splash out on the real deal for a higher-quality product, this is a gorgeous scent to invest in. One of our favourite perfumes with patchouli, it is a timeless and sophisticated fragrance. Keep an eye on the best perfume deals if it's outside of your budget range. 

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