How to claim your free sample of Shiko Dassai ultra-nourishing facial mask

Fancy claiming a free sample of the Dassai ultra-nourishing facial mask by Shiko? Here's how...

Shiko's Dassai ultra-nourishing facial mask
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The Dassai ultra-nourishing facial mask by chic brand Shiko is now available as a free sample gift if you choose to sign up to the woman&home Beauty Counter.

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Shiko's Dassai ultra-nourishing facial mask is a highly sought-after mask that typically retails at $35 for 5 masks—which is a whopping $6 per mask. But by signing up to our Beauty Counter, you can receive a mask for free!

Dassai ultra-nourishing facial mask, $35 | Shiko

Dassai ultra-nourishing facial mask, $35 | Shiko

Dassai sells their ultra-nourishing face mask in packs of five for $35. The facial treatment masks can be used daily.

The Dassai Facial Mask is infused with Dassai Sake Lee Essence, drawn from the lees produced during the brewing process of premium Junmai-Daiginjo Dassai 23 sake.

The brand explained that this mask is rich in various acids and vitamins as well as collagen, so your skin is rejuvenated after you wear the mask. "Dassai Sake Lee Essence offers a rich blend of 16 natural amino acids, and is combined with a luxurious formula of collagen, vitamin C derivatives, and other skin-loving ingredients that help deliver a smooth, transparent, and youthful-looking complexion."

The mask can be used every day to moisturize and nourish the skin and is perfect for those with sensitive or irritable skin.

The brand also explained that this mask is a celebration of Japanese culture, "The Dassai facial mask was developed with the wish of sharing Japan’s beauty culture with the world. Sake-brewers are widely known to have beautiful hands in Japan. The moisturizing power of fermented sake lees, imbued with the vitality of thriving microorganisms, has been developed into a beauty essence that is truly a pride of Japan."

So, what are you waiting for, it's time to sign up to the woman&home Beauty Counter so you can finally try one of these awesome masks for yourself!

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