How Kate Middleton's perfectly defined eyebrows are always 'picture perfect'

Kate Middleton's eyebrows are always pristine and we want to know the secret behind her perfect arches!

Kate Middleton's eyebrows
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The secret behind Kate Middleton's eyebrows has been revealed by a celebrity make-up artist, and it's easier to achieve than you may think!

The Princess of Wales has fantastic eyebrows that are always picture perfect and ready for the cameras. But what's her secret? How do her eyebrows always look so perfect?  Sarah Amelia Fogg, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Founder of Brows by Sarah has revealed that it may be down to a simple beauty treatment - eyebrow lamination.

"Kate Middleton’s brows are truly some of the best I’ve seen in a long time. She has naturally dark, full eyebrows meaning they always look so defined which definitely plays a huge part in her constantly looking so picture perfect. In recent images, Kate’s brows seem more groomed, uniform and lifted indicating that she may well have had a brow lamination," Sarah explained to woman& 

Kate Middleton's throwback leopard print skirt is major inspiration on making the bold print more versatile

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Sarah explained the science behind brow lamination, "Brow lamination is the process of straightening your brow hairs to sit in the desired direction. It involves softening the brows with a chemical solution and then brushing them into your perfect brow shape to set. Brow lamination is pain-free, relaxing and results in thicker, bushy-looking brows. It is basically an easy, natural way to achieve fluffier brows." 

She explained that for the Princess of Wales, this process has highlighted her natural arch and framed her face perfectly. "Kate has got great growth and a gorgeous natural arch and the lamination process has accentuated this perfectly to frame her face which results in a flawless, youthful photo finish," she said.

Catherine, Princess of Wales attends day two of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships

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The expert added that lamination can also have a de-ageing effect as the eyes are often the first part of the face that shows ageing, so creating a lifted look with your brows can address this. "As the lamination treatment involves brushing your brow hairs upwards, it naturally draws the whole of the face in that direction to create a snatched look which instantly makes you look younger. Our eyes are actually the first part of the face to show signs of ageing because of the unique skin on our eyelids. So creating a fluffy, lifted set of brows will definitely help to prevent this."

She added that her eyebrows being consistently perfect is likely what helps the Princess to look ready for the cameras at all times. "The brows are the most common area I see where people make mistakes that age them - although Kate is naturally beautiful, her groomed, laminated brows definitely help her to achieve a younger look. So in makeup terms, Kate’s brows are probably the main element that helps her to continuously achieve the perfect photo," she said.


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"As we age, our brow arch naturally drops. Opting for a lamination or investing in a product with the same effect will make the arch seem higher therefore framing your face and creating a more youthful aesthetic like Kate’s," the expert concluded.

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