Helen Mirren just styled her bob in the most chic and sophisticated way - here’s how to do it

Offering a sleek and elegant take on a classic bob, this slick-back curled hairstyle not only looks flattering but is also easy to recreate

Helen Mirren wears a purple gown with rosy pink lipstick and a curled slicked-back bob
(Image credit: Getty Images/ JB Lacroix / Contributor)

While it can be challenging to find different ways to style shorter length locks, Helen Mirren just proved the limitless options for styling a bob with her ultra-sleek slicked back look - so, of course, we’re following suit...

We certainly haven’t been strapped for hair inspiration this year, with a variety of hairstyles earning a place on the list of 2024 hair trends - from side-swept hair to hourglass layers. But, the one timeless hairstyle topping all the trending lists, and that has been spotted on many red carpets, is the classic bob. With summer right around the corner, the actress just debuted a quick yet effortlessly chic way to style your cut for any occasion.

So, if you’ve made the big chop (or perhaps you’re toying with the idea) and you’re looking for inspiration to add to your styling rotation, this is why you should consider recreating Helen Mirren’s latest hairstyle…

Why Helen Mirren’s slicked-back bob is a must-try hairstyle for any dressy event

Stepping onto the red carpet of the 77th annual Cannes Film Festival on 24th May 2024, the actress paired a striking violet gown with a rosy satin lip and a polished slicked-back bob - a standout combination.

Helen Mirren wears a purple gown with a rosy pink lipstick and a curled slicked-back bob

(Image credit: Getty Images/ Cindy Ord / Staff)

The refined hairstyle in question was delicately scraped back and completed with inward curls that sat perfectly at the nape of her neck, offering a truly elegant feel to the look. Falling somewhere between classic and contemporary, it’s ideal for any dressy occasion or simply as a chic fuss-free hairstyle day-to-day.

The best part about the look? Surprisingly, it can be easily recreated with just a few staple products needed in your haircare kit…

How to recreate Helen Mirren's sleek hairstyle

The prep time is minimal, as a hairstyle like this would benefit from not having freshly washed hair in order to give it more grip when styling, so it should only take a matter of minutes to execute. However, you can pop a hydrating oil - we would recommend this Hair Oil from OUAI - through your hair before you get started.

Mirren's unobvious parting means you can sweep your locks back in whichever way you choose to. Simply run a glossy serum or gel through your hair, before using your styling brush to slick each strand of hair to the back of your neck. Once in position, use a barrelled wand to curl the ends of your lock inwards for the bouncy, red carpet-ready look. Finally, secure the look in place with a long-lasting, high-shine finishing spray, like the Charles Worthington ShinePlex glossing mist, and you're ready to head out of the door!

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