Bobbi Brown launches huge 20 per cent off deal for Bank Holiday weekend

Bobbi Brown

Anyone searching for the best foundation needs to know about this deal. Bobbi Brown has launched a massive 20 per cent off deal to help fans celebrate the Bank Holiday weekend.

Bobbi Brown has been a favourite for beauty fans and professional make-up artists for years, with advanced formulas and clever products, including some of the best mascaras that keep us all coming back for more.

And since venturing into skincare, the brand has won over even more fans with their Vitamin Enriched Face Base alongside some of the best eye creams we’ve come across.

So they’re now giving fans a chance to get their hands on some make-up and skincare goodies for a massive 20 per cent off over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Bobbi Brown

Shoppers will be able to use the website’s 20 per cent off code to get money off of their favourite beauty products, including the new Vitamin Enriched Eye Base, which has been flying off the shelves since launching earlier this month.

The deal will run from tomorrow (Friday 28th August) morning across the Bank Holiday weekend until Monday 31st August on the Bobbi Brown website.

Why do I need eye cream?

“The skin under our eyes behaves a little differently to the skin elsewhere on our face – it’s naturally thinner and more fragile – this means it’s normally the first area of the face to show signs of tiredness, and visible fine lines,” says Bobbi Brown senior pro artist, Warren Dowdall.

“It’s not great at keeping itself hydrated as there are fewer oil glands around the eyes. It’s also more sensitive and prone to fluid build-up, which can cause the look of puffiness and dark circles.”

Bobbi Brown

“Incorporating an eye cream into your daily skincare routine can help minimise the appearance of these wrinkles and tackle other skin concerns like dryness, puffiness, dark circles and pigmentation,” Warren adds.

“Eye creams specifically tackle these concerns but are also formulated to be more gentle than typical facial moisturisers, using concentrations of ingredients that will maximise results but minimise the risk of irritation on the delicate undereye skin. This is also why the majority of facial serums and face creams will say ‘Avoid Eye Area’ as they haven’t necessarily been created for use around the eye.

“It’s easier to prevent signs of ageing rather than correcting them, so I recommend investing in an eye cream and adding it into your routine when you're starting your 20s.”

What’s so special about Bobbi Brown’s new eye cream?

“Unlike some heavy creams that tend to be greasy and sit on top of the skin particularly around areas with fine line, Vitamin Enriched Eye Base is lightweight, rich in ingredients, and formulated to penetrate the skin deeper,” explains Warren.

“Key ingredients, including caffeine and hyaluronic acid as well as a potent blend of vitamins, help to really energise and brighten the delicate skin around the eye.”

How to use eye cream

Warren suggests applying eye cream as follows:

  • Take about a rice grain-sized amount of product and warm between your ring fingers, as this finger has the lightest padding so will be most gentle
  • Tap gently around the orbital bone under the eye for the perfect base for concealer
  • At night time you can bring your eye cream around the brow bone also to help strengthen the skin

Shop Bobbi Browns deal before Monday 31st August to take advantage!

Aleesha Badkar
Digital Beauty Editor, woman&home

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