Think yourself slim: find a body buddy

by Lynn Cardy on Friday, 25 September 2009

Copying the habits of slim people is a good way to reinforce the messages that help us out when we need to make good food choices. In the w&h office, we have Hayley. Far from hating her for her great shape and glowing skin, we use her as a constant reminder of what smart eating can achieve.

What's the trick? When you have to make a food/portion/exercise choice, ask yourself, "What would ......... do? The Writing Diet's author Julia Cameron suggests showing your food journal to a buddy. "Even though you feel you've had a good day, she'll spot that you maybe haven't eaten enough veggies or drunk enough water."

Weight-loss guru Peter Cohen adds: "Dieters come in three varieties. The good, the great and the exceptional - be exceptional!"

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