The New High Protein Diet book

Woman and home magazine put The New High Protein Diet book on test. Our guinea pigs tested the diet for weight loss effectiveness over a month, and we asked top nutritionist Vicki Edgson to give her verdict.

The diet book: The New High Protein Diet: Lose Weight Quickly, Easily and Permanently by Charles Clark and Maureen Clark (Vermillion, £7.99)

Selling point: A medically based protein diet that still incorporates some carbohydrates.

In a nutshell: This is a high animal protein, low fruit, high vegetable diet, so not one for vegetarians. It has three phases of weight loss and recipes, changing what you eat depending on how much weight you have lost and how long you have been following the diet. It explains what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Vicki says: “This is a very effective diet in the short term, but long term, this would not be a healthy way to live. Once you stop it, you would have to introduce carbs back into your diet slowly. If you went back to eating the same amount as before, you would put the weight straight back on. Ideally, your diet should consist of 40 per cent protein and 60 per cent carbs – grain, vegetables and fruit (in that order).”

Good for: “Men or the very overweight.”

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Tester's verdict:
Sue Blogg, 46

Weight before: 11st 4lb
Weight after: 10st 9lb

She says: “My meals seemed so limited with this diet compared to what I’m used to eating. I had to cook every single meal from scratch, so it was a laborious task every night, and although I was pleased about the weight loss, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who works.

I wasn’t at all hungry on the diet but by the third week, I’d got so bored of eating eggs and meat all the time and I was really craving a bowl of pasta. I did lose quite a lot of weight very quickly, but I don’t think I could keep it up forever. And I am scared that when I start eating carbs again, I’m going to pile the pounds back on.”

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