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Editor's office
Editorial Director - Sue James
Personal Assistant and Office Manager - Sandra Kearns
Creative Director - David Dowding
Deputy Editor - Emma Justice
Associate Editor - Carrie Taylor

Print/Online Art Editor - Glen Wilkins
Picture Director - Sharon Mears
Art Director, Lifestyle Hub - Vicky Axelson

Chief Sub-Editor - Emma Badger
Deputy Chief Sub-Editor - Carley Rigley

Fashion & Beauty
Wellbeing Editor - Lynn Cardy
Fashion Director - Julia Morgan
Junior Fashion Editor - Emma Faiers
Acting Junior Fashion Editor - Lucy Mulliner
Beauty Director - Jo Glanville-Blackburn
Assistant Beauty Editor - Fiona McKim

Editor At Large - Tessa Hilton
Assistant Editor (Features) - Victoria Young
Celebrity Editor - Carrie Mitchell
Features Writer - Nathalie Whittle
Homes Editor - Alison Davidson
Homes Stylist - Theoda Solms Iles
Lifestyle Assistant - Wendy Salmon

Food Editor - Jane Curran
Food Assistant - Katy McClelland
Health - Rosemary Leonard, GP

Online Editor - Valerie Denny
Associate Online and Social Editor - Natalie Cornish


Head of Marketing - Kelly Weekes
Marketing Assistant - Charlotte Tonry

Publishing Director - Linda Swidenbank
Personal Assistant - Sandra Kearns

Group Advertising Director - Alex Russell
Advertising Director - Lisa Frost
Executive Fashion & Beauty Manager - Amanda Large
Beauty Communications Director - Zoe Robertson
Senior Sales Executive - Stephanie Dawson
Digital Client Manager - Amy McKean
Insert Sales - Lindsay Martin
Classifieds Management - Susannah Powell
International Editions - Bianca Hamilton-Foster
Syndication Sales - Cerie McGee
Subscriptions Marketing - Nikki Phillips

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