Simple hacks that will help you worry less, from a hypnotherapist

Whether you’re tossing and turning during the early hours or feeling distracted from your daily activities, worrying thoughts affect us all at times, and can easily take over your life if you aren’t careful.

Studies have shown that around 90% of what we worry about never happens, which means we waste a lot of time preparing for the worst.

So how can we tackle these pervasive thoughts? Harley Street hypnotherapist Fiona Lamb, who specialises in helping clients navigate anxiety, emotional eating and addictions, breaks down five ways to worry less and enjoy life more.

How to worry less

Tip #1 - Embrace change

Fiona says, “When we feel confident, we’re more likely to embrace change as we have self-belief that we can deal with any situation.

“We can’t control all situations, but we can control how we react, respond and how it’ll affect us.”

Tip #2 – Think confidently

Fiona says, “Thinking in a rational and realistic way helps us move forward and let go of any unwanted stresses and tension.

“This build confidence and starts a cycle of positive thinking. We need to be confident in the decisions we make in order to truly feel comfortable.”

Tip #3 – Let go

Fiona says, “Something that didn’t go as planned before has no influence over our future. Confident people can accept this and will not take any past failures personally.

“They learn from situations and see any problems as challenges which need to be solved. The key to this is concentrate on your successes, no matter how small.”

Tip #4 – Don’t worry about others

Fiona says, “When we feel we don’t need to prove ourselves to anyone, we become far more happy, motivated and focused. Comparing ourselves to others can be draining.

If you have these thoughts or notice yourself being competitive, try to ignore the other person – not everything is a race to the finish line.”

Tip #5 – Focus on yourself

Fiona says, “The term ‘loving yourself’ has a negative connotation at times. But if you can do so in a non-arrogant way and treat yourself like your own best friend, you are on your way to ultimate confidence.”

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