woman&home and TV's Anna Richardson partner to offer huge discount on online counselling – get private therapy for as little as £33!

Readers can get a brilliant discount of up to 50%!

Anna Richardson, TV Presenter

Mindbox, the UK's first online therapy service, which was founded by Anna Richardson, is offering our lovely readers an exclusive discount on their membership and services.

The Mindbox website offers around the clock help for people struggling with a range of mental health issues - from anxiety and panic attacks to managing stress. Whether you are looking for a wellness toolkit or online counselling, there is a service that can help.

What is Mindbox and who is behind it?

Their mission is to "provide the best therapy, in the right place, when you need it the most". We believe it’s important to be able to access support whenever and however you need it, which is why woman&home has partnered with Mindbox to bring you an exclusive discount on online counselling and membership packages.

Mindbox was founded by TV presenter Anna Richardson, who's also a qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapist, and Gareth Ogden, who's spent over a decade studying psychology and cognitive therapy, particularly focusing on how anxiety can affect performance.

Anna herself has spoken about her struggle with mental health issues, highlighting how having to wait for professional help can severely harm those who are struggling.

"If you're suffering from severe anxiety, waiting 10 weeks to access any kind of service can be a life sentence", she said.

"The only other option is that you have to pay for your psychotherapy, which can be very expensive. Mindbox offers a much-needed solution between the two, making therapy affordable and accessible for everybody."

What services do Mindbox offer? Do they provide online counselling?

Mindbox offer two services: Mindbox Live and Mindbox Now.

Mindbox Live

Mindbox offers instant online counselling services, with access to a team of therapists via phone, webcam or web chat.

For this service, there's no need to subscribe or be a member - you can connect to an expert straight away via their website.

Mindbox Now

This subscription-based service gives you unlimited access to five evidence-based online support programmes, in what they call Mindbox Now.

They are split into: General Stress, Social Anxiety, Performance Nerves, Panic Attacks, and Confidence Building.

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Each programme contains audio and video sessions with written exercises, which are based on powerful therapeutic techniques such as Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Behavioural Therapy and Psychotherapy.

But the service is not only aimed at people struggling with social anxiety or panic attacks; you can use Mindbox to cope with general stress or as a way to build your confidence (think of it as a gym for the mind - open 24/7!).

How much does Mindbox online counselling cost?

Mindbox Live, an online counselling service, which gives you instant access to a therapist, costs £45 for 30 minutes.

To access Mindbox Now, you'll need to become a member. The monthly subscription is £9.99, or £95 a year.

But before you buy, don't forget that you get an exclusive woman&home discount...

Mindbox discount code brought to you exclusively by woman&home

Mindbox Live discount

Get 26% off Mindbox Live: 30 minutes of therapy just £33.00 (normally priced £45.00) - Code: WH20

To redeem your Mindbox Live offer, online (webcam) visit www.mind-box.co.uk, select Mindbox Live, select your therapist and enter the discount code on the payment screen.

To redeem your Mindbox Live offer over the phone, simply inform the operator of your discount code.

Mindbox Live sessions can last up to 90 minutes. Additional minutes are charged at the same discounted rate (£1.10). Mindbox Live sessions can take place over the phone (dial 0330 201 5111) or over webcam (visit www.mind-box.co.uk and select Mindbox Live).

Mindbox Now discount

Get 50% off Mindbox Now: £4.99 per month (normally priced £9.99) - Code: WH20

To redeem your Mindbox Now offer visitwww.mind-box.co.uk, select Mindbox Now. Enter your discount code on the sign-up payment screen.

Mindbox Now subscription has no minimum term, you can cancel anytime.

Mindbox reviews

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Mindbox has glowing reviews from its users, with 100% of them reporting a reduction in their stress and anxiety levels within 7 days of use.

The improvement is particularly noted by users who started the programme with higher levels of anxiety.

One user said of the service, 'I can't quite believe how quickly it worked.'

Another added, 'I just feel more comfortable knowing that I have it on me.'

At a time when anxiety levels are through the roof due to uncertainty, this might be well worth a try.

Mariana Cerqueira

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