The foundation Holly Willoughby wears for her flawless, camera ready skin

Ever wondered how the presenter's skin looks so good on This Morning? You're in luck...

Holly Willoughby
(Image credit: Getty Images / Jeff Spicer/BFC / Contributor)

If any make-up products can be relied upon its those that are used by TV stars. A formula that won't falter under the harsh glares of studio lighting or look mediocre on camera is clearly worth its weight in gold. 

So if ever you've wondered about Holly Willoughby's make-up and skincare, you're in the right place, as we bring you her favourite foundation. The star is known for having flawless skin and a healthy glow whenever she's on our screens, so clearly only the best foundation will do.

Want to know which product her make-up artist uses to get her radiant complexion? Keep reading to find out.

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What foundation does Holly Willoughby wear?

Holly's make-up artist Patsy O'Neill regularly uses the Surratt Surreal Skin Foundation Wand on the presenter for both This Morning and the red carpet for award shows. The star wears shade 05, which is medium with yellow undertones.

Described by one Sephora reviewer as the "most beautiful foundation ever!", the lightweight formula comes with a built-in buffing brush and is very buildable, so you can add more coverage as you go depending on the finish you're after.

"I really like this foundation. It is medium coverage and is just blends beautifully into the skin," Another enthused reviewer wrote on Cult Beauty. "All in all one of the best foundations I have used."

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At more than £60 this is by no means the cheapest foundation, but if it's worthy enough to appear on This Morning it's clear that it's worth its salt.

If it's good enough for Holly Willoughby, we reckon it's good enough for us!