Holly Willoughby reveals her free tip for gorgeous eyelashes

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  • Holly Willoughby manages to look gorgeous every day (even very early in the morning) and we want to know how!

    Holly recently chatted to W&H Beauty Editor, Fiona Mckim and revealed her earliest beauty memories, her favourite products and her make-up and skincare secrets…

    The first beauty product I remember using is Clean & Clear. I must have been 13 or 14, just when your skin is starting to change. It was really strong and you felt that because your skin was tingling it must be doing something good for you. When I started having sleepovers with other girls it was, “Oh yes, I’ve got my Clean & Clear… you’ve got the pink one, I’ve got the blue one”

    If eyelash curlers were discontinued I’d be upset.  Even if I have no other makeup I have to curl my eyelashes every morning. My tip is to heat the curlers up with a hairdryer (just be very careful not to burn your eyelids!)

    In terms of beauty disasters, I have always been the kind of person that can’t leave a spot alone, and I still don’t. When I was younger I’d end up making a right old mess because I would pick my spots, which is so disgusting! It’s confusing because you go and have a facial and they get everything out, so you end up thinking, ‘the experts do it, I’m sure by now as a fully grown woman I can do this myself!’

    In my handbag I always have a lip balm. 
There’s a Sisley one in a little pink pot and it’s so gorgeous, really extravagant. My favourite lipstick, which I’m obsessed with and have been all year, is by Burt’s Bees. I wore the red one last night and normally red lipstick goes all over your face, all over your teeth or it sticks and gets really dry,
    but this one feels just like a lip balm.

    Sisley Nutritive Lip Balm

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    When I get up before This Morning I wash my hair, use a facial wash in the shower, a light scrub once a week and that’s kind of it. At night I take my makeup off with a wipe, which is the best invention for the lazy girl! I’ve never been a girl who cleanses, tones, moisturises. I do moisturise, but not the whole process, so I love anything I can do all in one, in the shower and be done.

    I like high functioning products, ones that just work and I don’t have to do lots of separate little bits and bobs. I don’t like wearing foundation, except for work, in real life I use the Garnier BB Cream religiously. It’s a bargain, moisturises, covers, evens out and has SPF so for me that’s the perfect product

    Garnier SkinActive BB Cream Original

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    I don’t really get hardcore contouring, I also don’t get foundation that’s got shine in it, at all! I don’t get fake tan even though apparently I use all sorts of brands which I get linked to, I think I’ve had maybe three spray tans in my entire life. I can’t get on with it – it goes all dotty in my pores, it stinks and it’s never the right colour!

    The best tip I’ve learned from the experts? Less is more, I think. There’s a culture that you can cheat your makeup to look like it’s been filtered on a phone, but in reality it always looks like you’ve got a ton of makeup on. You want to be able to see the skin, you want to be able to see freckles, and eyebrows are sisters, not twins. Your natural beauty is the most important thing, instead of changing things or striving to look a particular way. Happiness is not a perfect eyebrow, that feeling should come from somewhere else.

    W&H caught up with Holly at the launch of Garnier and UNICEF’s partnership. Garnier have made a commitment to UNICEF to work together to support 300,000 children in danger as part of their three year #CommitToCare campaign. This in response to the fact that one in four children worldwide is living in danger, often due to natural disasters and conflict.

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