This is the most beautiful place in the world to get engaged

Planning to pop the question? Here are the most popular places to get engaged

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Paris is always a good idea… if you’re planning to pop the question.

At least, according to insight shared by luxury cashmere company, N.Peal. The team took to social media to find out which locations around the world are witness to the most proposals, and the City of Lights came out on top.

The study reviewed Instagram posts featuring ‘proposal’ and ‘engagement’, as well as hashtags including ‘wedding’ and geo-tagging data to compile the areas where many people’s happily ever after begun.

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With an innate understanding for the finer things in life—champagne, art, music—France’s capital city has always been synonymous with love (and lust) and it seems that over 40,000 people have been enchanted by the amour and allure of Paris.

The data from N.Peal found that 43,400 posts were made around engagements, proposals and more in Paris—nearly 15,000 more posts than runner-up location, Bali.

Bali totaled 28,700 posts to come in second and New York City came in third with 22,000 posts.

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Overall, Europe and North America come out on top for hosting the most Instagrammed hotspots for proposals: Europe takes up six out of the top ten proposal locations and North America scores three locations in the top ten places to propose.

The data also shows that city breaks have proven to be the most popular, with popular destination cities including London, Rome and Barcelona landing in the top ten.

Rome, the City of Love, has some competition for that title. Italy’s popular destination comes in fifth with 5,900 posts, trailing London which has 13,000 posts.

Top 10 places to get engaged:

1. Paris—43,400 posts

2. Bali—28,700 posts

3. New York City—22,000 posts

4. London—13,000 posts

5. Rome—5,900 posts

6. Venice—4,900 posts

7. Santorini—3,000 posts

8. Barcelona—2,252 posts

9. Kauai (Hawaii)—1,976 posts

10. Grand Canyon—1,168 posts

Let's just hope travel restrictions across the globe are eased soon so grand gestures of love can become the norm once again!

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