Festive Christmas Tree Decorations

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  • Distinguish your tree with these gorgeous Christmas tree decorations....

    The main star of any home during the holiday season is a beautiful Christmas tree – which can’t be done without phenomenal Christmas tree decorations. Tree decorations come in all shapes, colours and sizes, and it seems like they’re available everywhere. With so many choices, it can be hard to avoid decision fatigue, so woman&home have assembled a versatile collection of Christmas tree decorations meant to inspire and help our readers.

    These decorations come in the form of festive garlands and interesting tinsel and ornaments, which are joined by golden tree toppers and garlands that are sure to bring a smile to any face. When we’re short on time, Dobbies is always a good go-to shop for on-trend Christmas tree decorations all in one place. Create a magical Christmas tree with stunning decorations like the purple fairy queen decoration and rocking horse decoration paired with iridescent baubles and an elf with stocking decoration, all available from £4.99. With decorations like these, it becomes so easy to create a whimsical fairy tale-inspired Christmas tree!

    To get your dream decorated tree, start with lights – go for classic fairy lights or mix it up with fascinating ones shaped like candles, bells, or more. Once those are securely on, try an exquisite mix of beads and bunting, garlands and tinsel, or stick to ribbons with wire. We’ve even been seeing a comeback of vintage paper chains! Afterward, you can move on to more decorative fun. Unlike baubles, it is easier to find a variety of decorations in different sizes so experiment with oversized decorations and smaller ones too. We’ve liked the assortment of bird decorations available as ornamental clips: robins, songbirds and peacocks. With everything now on the tree, it’s time to gently place your tree topper on top and enjoy your masterpiece!