This Grey's Anatomy star says she would 'absolutely' return

Dr. Addison Montgomery returning to Grey’s Anatomy could be on the cards!

Grey's Anatomy
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Kate Walsh has recently spoken about reprising her role as Dr. Addison Montgomery in Grey’s Anatomy. This comes just a few days after Ellen Pompeo hinted her 'Grey's Anatomy' exit could be in sight.

Kate Walsh starred in Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Addison Montgomery from the end of season one until season three, when she left the show to star in the spin-off series Private Practice. She returned to the show sporadically as a special guest star in Seasons 4 to 8 but hasn’t made another appearance since 2012.

Kate Walsh told PEOPLE that she would “absolutely” reprise her role as Dr. Montgomery. She stated, "If they could get it done, I'd be happy to come back," says Walsh, 53. "Maybe I'll Zoom in. Dr. Addison could Zoom in."Grey’s Anatomy is now in its seventeenth season and is currently available on Disney Plus.

The seventeenth season has featured guest appearances from other former cast members such as Patrick Dempsey (as Dr. Derek Shepherd) and T.R. Knight (as Dr. George O’Malley), so a guest appearance from Dr. Montgomery might not be out of the realms of possibility!

Grey's Anatomy

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Kate also revealed that she wasn’t shocked that the show was still running after 17 seasons. "Sometimes I do feel like I get a little witchy about things," says Kate, "I was like, 'This is a great show.' Even before it even had an airtime. I was just on as a guest, I was like, 'This is a great show. I think it's going to be really good.' And here we are. Here they are...Seven years later." She added finally about the show, "It definitely changed my life."

Fans are extremely excited about the potential prospect of Dr. Addison Montgomery returning to Grey's Anatomy. One fan said on Twitter, “Addison, yes, literally my fav character.” Another asked the head writer Krista Vernoff if she could make this happen, “you have no idea how badly I want and need this to happen. I love Addison and miss her so much! KV, pls make it happen.”

Kate also spoke about her recent role as Madeline Wheeler in Emily in Paris. Kate said she has had conversations with the producers but wasn’t sure if her character would feature in season two, although she would like to reprise the role. She said, "We've talked about it. We'll see. I think so. Maybe, but I'm not certain.” She continued to say, "I love the show. It just was a delight from tip to tail in my little tiny bit in it, so it would be great to go back." 

All we know is we want more of Kate Walsh in any form we can have her! Let's hope she'll be gracing our screens as Dr. Addison Montgomery or as Madeline Wheeler very soon! 

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