How to watch Grey’s Anatomy online: stream season 17 from anywhere in the world

How to watch Grey’s Anatomy season 17 and catch up on the return of McDreamy...

how to watch Grey's Anatomy cast in the latest season
Find out how to watch Grey's Anatomy so you don't miss a second of the medical drama.
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Find out how to watch Grey’s Anatomy no matter where you are in the world so you never miss an episode of the heart-wrenching medical drama.

After nearly a year’s wait since season 16 abruptly finished, season 17 of Grey's Anatomy finally hit our screens back in November with an update on the personal and professional lives of the doctors at Seattle's Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

We relished the first six episodes of drama and excitement, however come December we were met with a gap in the TV guide that was no longer filled with the heart-racing vision of Grey’s Anatomy taking up a whole hour slot.

It’s been a nearly three-month-long series break since then, but now the medical drama is finally heading back to our screens and we can’t wait.

In the latest season of the hit US drama – dedicated to frontline medical heroes - the show is tackling the coronavirus pandemic as its central storyline and shining a light on the incredible sacrifices, difficulties and dangers faced by those in the medical community who have continued to work through the pandemic.

If you’ve missed any of the new season so far – including a guest appearance from McDreamy himself, Patrick Dempsey – can't wait to tune into the the new episodes or you want to catch up on previous seasons of Grey’s Anatomy before diving into season 17, here’s how you can watch Grey's Anatomy from anywhere in the world.

How to watch Grey’s Anatomy free in the US

Those living in the US can watch Grey’s Anatomy every Thursday at 9pm ET/PT, or 8pm CT on ABC.

The second half of Grey's Anatomy season 17 will be back on screens on Thursday 11th March – so mark your calendars!

If you miss an episode, Grey Anatomy season 17 is available to watch for free on catch up on

How to watch Grey’s Anatomy in the UK, online and elsewhere

Sky Witness is home to Grey’s Anatomy in the UK and you can watch the show on Sky channel 107 if you have Sky TV. However, the most recent season of Grey’s isn't airing in the UK just yet, so you’ll probably have to wait until later this year if you want to watch season 17 on Sky in the UK.

In the meantime you can catch up on seasons 1-16 of Grey’s Anatomy on Amazon Prime Video. You can sign up for your 30-day free trial of Prime, then after your free trial has ended, Amazon Prime is just £7.99 a month. You can cancel any time.

If you're outside of the US and can’t wait to watch season 17, or you’re based outside of the UK and the US and just want to watch the whole show, then you can also watch Grey’s Anatomy online via a VPN.

A VPN is a really easy-to-use piece of software that lets you change the IP address of your phone or laptop so it makes it look like you’re back in the US. The best VPN on the market right now is ExpressVPN, who currently have a 30-day money back guarantee, meaning that installing their VPN is 100% risk free and you can change your mind without being charged. 

If you’ve never installed a VPN before, don’t worry – it's actually very simple. You can get ExpressVPN and watch Grey’s Anatomy in three simple steps:

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  2. Once you’ve installed your VPN, open the app and select your server location as anywhere in the UK
  3. With your VPN installed and server location set to the US, you can now go to and watch Grey's Anatomy to catch up on any new episodes you’ve missed.
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Cast of Grey’s Anatomy – all the main characters in the show

The American medical drama created by Shonda Rhimes has seen many cast members come and go over the years. While we’ve had to bid goodbye to both McSteamy and McDreamy, as well George, Lexi Grey and many more, there are some characters who have been in Grey’s Anatomy since the start of the show and are still in the cast to this day. Hey Ellen Pompeo, aka Meredith Grey!

 Here’s the main cast of Grey's Anatomy season 17:

  • Meredith Grey - Ellen Pompeo
  • Miranda Bailey - Chandra Wilson
  • Richard Webber - James Pickens, Jr.
  • Owen Hunt – Kevin McKidd
  • Teddy Altman – Kim Raver
  • Jackson Avery – Jesse Williams
  • Jo Wilson – Camilla Luddington
  • Amelia Shepherd – Caterina Scorsone
  • Maggie Pierce – Kelly McCreary
  • Andrew DeLuca - Giacomo Gianniotti
  • Atticus 'Link' Lincoln – Chris Carmack
  • Levi Schmitt – Jake Borelli
  • Tom Koracick – Greg Germann
  • Cormac Hayes – Richard Flood 
  • Winston Ndugu – Anthony Hill

When exactly did the long-running drama start?

There are 17 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy so far and the award-winning drama has been running for 16 years.

The very first episode of Grey's Anatomy aired on 27 March 2005 in the US and the pilot was called A Hard Day’s Night. The first episode saw new surgical interns Meredith, Cristina, Izzie, George and Alex take on their very first shift and the rest – as they say – is history.

The long-running drama and its cast have won around 50 awards – and been nominated for many more – over the past 15 years, including a Golden Globe for Best Drama Series and numerous People’s Choice Awards for the well-loved cast.

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